ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: SGR Luciano Talks Rapping and Hustling + New Album, 'Global Warning'

Coming up next is a rapper named SGR Luciano who came up out the mud. Born  Andre Wilcox in Cleveland, Ohio, he moved to Weir, Mississippi as a teenager. And while some may think his adjusting to a small town in the Deep South would be difficult, his struggles began way before the big move. "I've lived in some of the roughest parts of Cleveland before moving like 33rd Central, Hough, and Cedar." And all that grit can be heard in his music. 

He just dropped a fresh new video for track Find Out Quick. It's one of the singles off his latest album, "Global Warning" which was produced by Platinum Reezy.  The trap meets southern hip hop sound is what makes up the song's vibe. The lyrics are all real. He raps about the life he lives, and it isn't all fun and games. On the track, he spits, "equipped to kill.. play a nigga find out quick."

"I came from the struggle. All I ever knew was hustle. B*tch I grinded out the mud; they in trouble."

Luciano has a true understanding of the genre. "My favorite rappers coming up was my oldest brother Slimm, Eminem, Bone, DMX, Jeezy, and TI," he explained." He talked about the big shoes his brother had to fill.  "I grew up with no father... just me, my brothers, and grandparents. So Slimm really taught me everything I needed to know at a young age. He use to take me to the studio with him little did he know I was soaking all that in. He use to leave I use to sneak in his studio playing on his equipment." 

SGR Luciano says he took all that knowledge with him to Mississippi and set up his own studio. "I kept following in bruh foot steps. Rapping and hustling til one of us blow either from Ohio or the sip. I built my label and team (Street Global Records) and took off doing everything independently from tours to dropping albums and promoting it."

And his story isn't complete.  "It's a lot more I can say cuz my story run so deep, I've seen a lot in 32 years but just listen to my music this all real no fiction ...we give y'all the real us on these records."









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