Chaos1.0 Drops Another New EP, 'Dawn: Kayo's EP'

Just three months after dropping "Kayo's Day: A Mixtape", 19 year old hip hop artist, Kayo aka Chaos1.0 has released a new EP. Entitled, "Dawn: Kayo's EP", the project is an unfiltered, gritty dive into the full-bodied creativity and lyrical prowess of the Dayton, Ohio rapper. "This project specifically is the more raw side of my artistry," he explained.

Chaos1.0 does not hold back on the 6 song project. On the opener, Roman Candles, he gets at the hypocrisy of the Black church as he spits, "I know some reverends in the pulpit who been sinnin' on Saturdays. Dey like f*ck it, say a prayer, change my life in my latter days"  And I loved the soul filled vibe on Wild.  He unleashes some lyrical fury as he raps,"I beat my chest like I'm down with the wreck... give a f*ck what da who say." 

"OG call me Young Pup, my kool-aid in two cups" 

Kayo, born Jeffrey Rucker, says "together, both projects paint the full circle picture of my imagination." Aside from his studies in the performing arts, Kayo has been crafting his sound since he was fifteen years old. With various inspirations such as Saba, Bill Withers, Childish Gambino, and many more, Chaos1.0 strives to create intricately captivating yet truthfully grounded works of music. While focusing on more of a mellow style of alternative hip-hop, Kayo isn’t afraid to exercise his versatile skills through dedicated energy and clever lyricism.

This project is definitely not one to skip over. "Dawn: Kayo's EP" is available on major streaming platforms, and a live performance visuals drop later today on his YouTube channel.







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