Dutch 3Times Talks "Fire on Fire', New Music and Life After Quarantine

Dutch 3Times has always had a passion for music.  Born in a small town in South Carolina, and raised in Detroit, Michigan, soulful music has surrounded him.  He played the trumpet in his middle school band, but by high school, the focus shifted to hip hop. Throughout high school he grew a strong connection with rapping and the entire art of the genre. But despite his passion for music and his connection to rap, it was not until his early 30's that Dutch began releasing his music. 

His debuted his first EP, "Sick of Love" earlier this year and then followed up with "Fire on Fire". The takeaway from the five song project is to live life, travel, have sex, and have fun. And that's basically all he's rapping about.  After going through all the red tape, quarantining, distancing, and masking up, when he could finally have some fun, he did. On the track Head Gone, he raps, "2020 over, girl bend that ass over." He continues on to vividly rap about his fun weekend trip, "head in the rental, panties to the side, I'll be there in a minute."

The song Fire on Fire is dope simply for the fact that Dutch3Times nonchalantly channels a New Orleans accent as he melodically and rhythmically raps:

"Me plus you equals fucking my baby, 
Call your friends, and we swinging m baby
Fire on fire, like a kitchen my baby
Smell it in the air, talking ass and tiddays"

The beat is ridiculous. Its has a Hot Boys, Mannie Fresh, early early Lil Wayne feel. Other highlights include I'm the Man and 30 G's.

"You, me and her. I'd like to try some angles..."

"Fire on Fire" dropped earlier this year, and it's available on major streaming platforms. He's also finishing up a brand new project called "Distant Lover" which will feature female artists, Hermosa Riley and Malice. I was able to get a sneak stream from the project and experience its dopeness. For sure, you will love Love Juices. The vibe is nasty, but relaxed... Low key nightcap type sh*t. The track has an innovative beat--out of the ordinary but leaning towards elements of R&B. Out of the gate, he spits, "swapping love juices on the spring-top."  You know the vibe. 

 "You aint gotta wait to bust..."

Dutch 3Times is non exclusive to any genre of music, for he loves and experiments with them all. He's also nice with the wordplay. You can tell he puts thought into making his lyrics feel fresh and creatively concocted. On Love Juices, he raps, "legs up like "V" shape. Eating cake. Fool, its my birthday. She know she wanted d*ck in the first place. Third base, headed to homeplate."  

What’s the story behind this project?
 The story behind this project is that 2020 is over and we are just trying to have fun. The song 'Head Gone' was just paraphrasing a weekend in Atlanta, GA. The song 'Fire on Fire' is where tensions get high and hot and sexy things happen.

I know we’re still facing a pandemic. What difficulties did you face getting this project done?
Being on lockdown was a gift and a curse it actually allowed me the time to write these lyrics without having a rushed creative process.

Who did you play on repeat growing up?
Jay-Z was and still is the go to rapper I will always look up to and be motivated by. I literally owned physical cd copies of every album from Reasonable Doubt, thru all the Blueprints, and the Black Album.

What are you doing when you’re not making music?
When I'm not making music, I enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto and chess.

Dream collab?
My dream collaboration would be to do a song with Kayne West.

What artists do you think have had the biggest influence on your sound or style?
I believe my sound is a combination of all genres and all artists its hard to put a label on it and stick me in one particular box.



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