Rapper, Brandon Blvd Displays a Dope Musical Portrait on Single, 'Dark Rooms and Cartoons'

Brandon Blvd
is a hip hop artist who is spreading his ghetto gospel far beyond his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.  This week, I listened to the rapper's single, Dark Rooms and Cartoons, on Spotify, and I was refreshingly relieved to get a 

Sound wise, Blvd has a humble confidence in his delivery, and his rap flow suggests Jay Z is among his influences. His lyrics are inspirational and acknowledge a spiritual warfare without being so overwhelmingly enlightened as to push away some listeners. He raps, "smart dude, but he introverted. He carpooled to the depths of Hell to search for purpose and mercy." The single also features the vocals of up-and-coming songstress, Mai Ty. It was produced by Sunny Dizzle of the trio production group, Steaksawse. With the melodic and epic feel of the backing track, all conscious, backpack, and uplifting elements come together to present a dope musical portrait.

"The subtle promise, love will come conquer the dark soon. The smart move is getting in tune with heart soon..."

Brandon says, "Dark Rooms and Cartoons reflects on simple youthful times free from worries and concerns where one could easily escape in the comfort of a dark room and favorite cartoon." He believes the church is not the only place to build a relationship with God. Meant to visit nostalgic childhood moments, Dark Rooms & Cartoons is featured on his most recent EP, "Safer at Home."


LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/brandonbvld
Website: http://www.brandonblvd.com/

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