Rappers, LXCE + E$$KAY Talk Collaborative Experimentation and New Single, 'Moon Walk'

SoundCloud rappers, Lawrence DeMarrias and Kaylob Alston are two young emcees who found a true connection in hip hop. They already shared similar upbringings, "we both come from broken homes and a bad past," DeMarrias explained, but when they started experimenting musically, a magical bond was formed. Lawrence, who raps as Lacerxte or Lxce, and Kaylob as E$$KAY, are from Aberdeen, South Dakota-- not exactly where you would think of as a breeding ground for rap creativity. But their collaborative project, "Weak Minds Link Lines" solidified their place as hip hop artists. LXCE + E$$KAY recently dropped a new single entitled Moon Walk, and its a fresh feeling track with a dope loop on the beat. You can hear their past in their lyrics. They keep it real and upfront in the song.

"Had to break his f*ckin jaw. Smoking on them light menthol..."

When they spit, you can hear they're young. But there's that confidence there. Lacerxte explained, "we started making music because for a year, we have been freestylin' whenever we hung out, and one day I decided to start a song and I originally released called “flex” but I decided to wipe the project and one day E$$KAY came over and freestyles over it and it was fire!" They've been teamed up ever since.  "It took a lot to make it out of there and we did and now we’re prospering," says Lxce. 

"We don't even know where we going. We going back again"

19 year old Demarrias says, "music, I think, is versatile as I have dropped singing songs, and a pop punk song as well." I’m kinda the business guy in this partnership, I release and get album art works etc."  

Alston is also 19. "I started the same time as my bro here... I love to freestyle too."

"We really wanna show the world that we have what it takes to make it in this industry, and we'll work hard to achieve our dream to provide for our families back home," Lxce said. 

What's really cool about these dudes is the vibe. You can feel the experimentation, freshness, and freedom in their music. As for moving forward, DeMarrias says, "we’re also going to start releasing our music to Spotify and Apple Music soon! And w
e plan to spend more of a budget on our music. We’re excited!"


Instagram:  @lacerxte_esskay
Twitter: @its_demarrias
SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/the_diplore


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