Tre K Debuts With Rap Single, '2 Cups'

Tre K is a indie hip hop artist who only recently jumped into the game.  While he's 27 years old, the title of rapper is new to him. "I been rapping 9 months ... this is my first release," he revealed. His debut single is entitled 2 Cups. It's an alternative rock meets emo trap type vibe. I f*cks wit it. 

"Pour another drink to get messed up. I'm really, really lit sometimes."

The lyrics on the track center around Tre's party vibe and his over indulgence in mind altering specimens. He raps, "Sober hardly, I'm smoking Molly, niggas hate they see me hardly." The song has a melodic rap vibe. Its easy listening-- perfectly for a Spotify placement on a new trap playlist.  Would love to see the video for this. You know the vibe.

Originally from South Orange, but now based in Newark, the New Jersey rapper says of his artistry, "I know that I am good, however I am looking to become the GREATEST." He says his album, "Who Killed Benny" is coming soon.



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