YK Raleigh is Hot off the Mic with Debut Rap Album, 'Voices of the Black Sheep'

YK Raleigh, is an explosive rap talent blowing fire in the mics  right now. As his name suggests, he's originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, but now calls Atlanta home. Full of thoughts, strong emotions, and f*cked up stories, he's dropping his debut project, "Voice of the Black Sheep". On the 8 track album, YK covers a lot of ground. And beyond the lyrics, the project is out of the box musically. His fun, laid back flow and  his southern drawl make his delivery very relatable. As you listen to him, you get the sense, that he's giving you his genuine self. You get it how he lives. That's always a pleasure. 

Off rip, you must listen to 1ST OFF featuring Suave. The beat is sick and it feels like its jumping out of the song. That multidimensional sound spills into YK Raleigh's verse as he spits, "in that cup I'm sippin' on, got that sh*t, bet you gon' feel it. When you hear my b*tch geeked up, yeah you on Bobby and Whitney." On the track, he's at a lyrical high point. But his content also goes into some of the low points and struggles, like on Broken Promises where he raps, "swiped that gifty just to pay my lawyer. Lotus flower, four leaf clover." And you can hear the raspy, worn out pain in his voice as he raps on the track.
In his younger days, the rapper would travel to Georgia to spend time with his pops. "It was there my mind was able to see, if you follow your dreams, you could become something great one day. It was also then I knew I was gone have to visit Marietta and Atlanta again one day whenever I could figure out my dream." Raleigh got what he wanted, just not the way he would have wanted it to happen. 

"How things turned out I got older and badder in school... my mother did everything she could to try and get me out of that phase. Then she realized it wasn’t a phase. Til' this day, I never seen her cry more than the day she had to send me away to Georgia alone. In the midst of me adjusting to a new home, new high school, new city, I came cross a lot of scars. It was then I realized my mom was right bout me being alone ... first time away from family and it was just me. For so long I kept that chip on my shoulder about being the black sheep till I went through the good, bad, and ugly of a black sheep and came out the voice of a slept on culture til now."

On You too HuH, he makes his lyrics come alive visually as he spits, "went from the trap to the moon."  You can really feel where he's headed as an artist, and its exciting.

Other standouts on the project include Errbody Wanna Slime which has a mumble, melodic trap feel to it, and Who Dat Is

"Stack it up, tryna run it up, tryna pile it up, make it touch the ceiling"

Dope sound. What artists do you feel have influenced you most musically?
Well I grew up in a house full of musicians, playing instruments with my family gospel group an playing drums at the church taught me the soulness about music they was truly the first people to make me want to become a better musician

North Carolina and Georgia are both southern. DaBaby is from North Carolina while Lil Baby is from Atlanta. At this point, where do you feel like your sound represents?
Shout out all the artist working hard in every state but especially Raleigh and Marietta... I got big love for those cities, but my music represents “Outside”. Atlanta is the Mecca of Hip Hop in a lot of ways right now, if your an unsigned artist and can create a buzz behind your name with the million greats of Atlanta already lurking round then your music has to be “Outside”

What artists, producers, and studios have you been working with for VOBS?
While creating V.O.B.S I literally recorded at a million different studios, I still been searching for that perfect engineer/studio connection.  I worked with Suave 1k, 2Brazy, 95 Reddo and Young Blifford, producers NattyDreadBeatz, ChefOnTheBeat, Llei.

V.O.B.S.,...Are you the black sheep? Explain this title, bruh.
Voice of the black sheep, now I’m grown and matured I’ve accepted my past, present and future with that being said I know I’m the voice of the black sheep, it’s many people in many cities cross the world with my story. Most people who went threw half the things I did would’ve been given up but I always held close my dreams to my heart and that’s what’s actually changed the story line for me. At one point in life everybody has felt like a black sheep whether it was part of their relationship, job, family etc. the fact everybody has felt like this at one moment of they life they may can understand a second of my whole life. My grandpa who passed Bay Bay gave me this title

So you moved down to the A for high school? What part of Atlanta are you in? What high school did you go to? Played any sports?
I didn’t really move down here for high school lol, put it like this... it took me awhile to overcome my own self. I got kicked out of elementary, middle and high school. I played a little football because that was the only sport you could play before report cards came out, so when I moved to Marietta, it was because my mom and step pops did all they could for me. I was my pop's problem then.

Dream Collab?
Dream collabs...I don’t know how much I want to share of this information lol. I’ll give you two: Future and Kodak Black.

How do you feel like your life experiences have influenced your lyrics?
My experience shaped my lyrics dramatically, I’ve always been a writer so that’s the craft I always spent the most time with till this day. Being able to stand tall and solid threw so many storms an ups and downs, even hearing so many other people stories just made me refuse to believe this was the end of my story but yet the beginning. Voice Of the black sheep 2 on the way.


Instagram: Instagram @ykraleigh444  +  @outtatheordinaryclothing

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  3. This article embodies everything you have accomplished! This project is a testament to "trust your intuition, follow your own cadence, and don't take no mess from anybody!" This is your best jump to date!! Go hard!!❤

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