AjGOD's Classic Rap Beats Meet Honey Gold Jasmine Soulful Energy on EP, 'Twin Flames'

Collective energy can produce jubilation.  That is the feeling that oozed out of "Twin Flames", the collaborative musical work product of Honey Gold Jasmine, a singer-songwriter, and AjGOD, a producer and rapper. 

The "Twin Flames" EP is a soulful, acoustic feeling project that is expressed as a Juneteenth love story. Their project shines light on Black love & collaboration.  AjGOD explained that  the EP promotes the message of "spreading love and the beauty of sticking together through thick and thin." The EP has innovative beats, nostalgic sounds, and sweet synergies. 

There's a freeing energy that flows through the track, Right Now that flows like a marriage of neo-soul, classic rap, and West Coast sound. The release of ‘Twin Flames’ on Juneteenth 2021 marked the 7th year anniversary of Honey Gold Jasmine & AjGod meeting at Oakland’s annual Juneteenth celebration in 2015.

Smoke N Mirrors  is another dope track where Honey Gold shows off her lyrical and rap form. On the track, she melodically raps, "my life, your life, your life ain't on the front page.... everything you see is smoke and mirrors these days."  Her sound and delivery feels like a fusion of DaBrat, H.E.R, Erika Badu, and Aliyah. 

Heres link to project: 

They balance their complimentary gifts in this 7 song EP with a fiery yet soulful Bay Area sound. 


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