Artist Spotlight: Bay Area Hip Hop Artist, KillerTeddyBear Talks Passion, Weight Loss and 'Lay Down'

KillerTeddyBear is a 24 year old emo rapper from San Francisco, California. His new song, Lay Down with PNB Rock and Chris Brown is a creative juxtaposition of progressive r&b, melodic trap, and punk rock. The multi-genre artist is pushing the boundaries of hip hop, using his feelings, comedy, and creativity to tear down walls and produce a unique sound.

"She like to get down on the pole every night..."

KTB, who says, "melodic rap, pop, punk and metal all influenced my style," has found a way to set his own vibe. He creates music to deal with life's challenges. Earlier this week, I got a chance to talk to him about his creative process, triumphs and disappointments. Here's what I learned....

Who are some of your music influences?
Blink 182, Asking Alexandria, Modern Machine Gun Kelly, MOD SUN, and Jxdn are my biggest influences and relatable to me.

What inspired you to start making music?
I was inspired to make music because of coping with life challenges and a way to express myself. Eventually it turned into something I could build on... something bad and unfortunate happens, then make it a vibe. Also, you have the power to bring attention to real life things to people... almost like public speaking, but in melodies. 

How was your upbringing? Does any of your life experiences play out in your lyrics? 
My upbringing was being a fat...shy kid. But I was also judged as being bad news and isolating which led me to turning to music and meeting communities though. That, along with my crazy weight loss journey, music helped me get through it too. It goes with the flow.... I also like to perform live and go crazy. People throwing devil signs in the air and going crazy.... I am passionate about this, and it's a lifestyle. My fans know that too, and they are being influenced by that mentality. No excuse.



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