ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Diego Cruise is Rapping His Way to the Top

When life threw Diego Cruise a curveball, he hit a homerun.  The hip hop artist, also known in the rap community as D.C, is a talented emcee with a southern twang and a rapid fire delivery. His latest single, Do My Thing, showcases his skills on the mic. He has a rap cypher, freestyle kinda energy. 
Diego started recording his own music at 16 years old. Back then he used a sock-covered microphone to record his freestyles. After recording three freestyles, D.C says he gave it up because it wasn’t bringing in the fast money he was looking for.

He raps with confidence, letting loose his southern twang-- a facet he takes pride in. The rapper was born in South Florida and raised in Atlanta, GA. His experiences in Atlanta, with the migration of people from states affected by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, shaped him to be the diverse person and artist that he is today.

 A savvy businessman, D.C is always looking for money moves to help him provide for his support system. D.C comes from the southern hospitality mentality of Atlanta and believes in contributing to the well-being of the community.

"You can't help them if they don't help theyself. I stopped trying. F*ck a job. I can still get work without applying."

When you listen to his music, he says, "it should feel like you’re listening too the guy in the room who doesn’t say much." But when he does, everyone listens. His memorable lyrics and clever delivery
paints images of expression that listeners can relate to and use to release themselves from mental blockages. On the single, he spits, "I'm allergic to cowards. I probably hit a lick in Dade and blow the money in Broward."

 An artist that prides himself on the experiences that make him who he is, D.C aims to help people realize that they should always do what is necessary for them to get the best out of their life. His new single is available on major streaming platforms.



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