ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Kid on The Roof Talks Allegory and Lucid Dreams; Drops 'Cruise Control'

Kid on The Roof (KOTR) is a writer and music artist from North Carolina. His music is always written in narrative or allegory form to portray his deepest emotions about his surroundings. His mission is to restore the minds of the masses, the youth in particular.

His new single, entitled Cruise Control, mixes elements of smooth jazz and classic rap. On the track, KOTR shows off his dope lyrical skills. The calming, chill nature of the beat and the smooth instrumental loop that run throughout it give the rapper the perfect platform to flow. His delivery is solid. I like when he raps, "address me properly cause I'm the captain of my team. Meditate at dawn, got my body feelin' heavenly."

"If you gon' dream, make it lucid. Then you might blow"

“Every song that I make has its own purpose in the universe that I’m creating," he explained. "Most of the things I write don’t personally pertain to me, as I think music should be there as an aid for the consumer- and not as a soapbox for me to tell others how much better I am than them. I’m just a messenger, my inspiration comes from powers beyond my comprehension.” There's a nod of confidence when Kid on The Roof raps. You can hear his smile. His lyrics and rap performance skills show he has an appreciation for the genre's early beginnings. Vocally, he sounds like a Young Hova or Chance the Rapper. Every word carefully thought out, every bar, tastefully delivered.  


Instagram: @justakotr

Twitter : @justakotr



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