ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Rapper/Producer 3.M. Watson Set to Drop More New Music From "The Flood"

3.M. Watson is a dynamic rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer. Born just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana, but now calls the ATL home, he has a sound of his own. 

While some experienced slowdowns during the pandemic, Watson has been on the grind. "I just finished 33 music singles that I have labeled “The Flood”. I am releasing the rest of those tracks on September 30th" he explained. We got an advanced listen to his music, and he's definitely got some wings.

Finish Dat has a good energy. The track has a Meek Mill meets Drake-ish vibe. He raps, "Bitches on up in the room like a brothel. When you f*ckin with the business I get hostile." On Touch Tha Road, his sound is more melodic and the vibe is more progressive. Lyrically, this song tests his skills as a songwriter, and he passes. On Blade, 3.M. Watson channels an Atlanta trap sound masterfully, showing his versatility as an emcee.  Also scheduled to drop later this week is a track called 3 AM Freestyle. Its a high energy song that has some dope lines. It would fit well on a Spotify trap playlist. 

"So now I do it solo and they mad at that..."

He's been in the music industry for over 5 years but just joined the Hip Hop and Pop community this year. He explained, "I released my EP “No Lanes” on January 1st and haven’t looked back since.

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