Big Bars and Beats on AjGOD's New EP, 'Big ESOTeric Energy'

Coming up out of the Bay area, AjGOD (MC/Producer) recently dropped some new music that shows off his talent as an emcee, as well as his productions skills. 

The EP, Big ESOTeric Energy is a hip hop project with nice beats, and cool sounds that respect the classics of rap. It features a collective body of tracks that show the confidence and passion of a rapper from Oakland, California. His lyrical content fuses spiritual  and esoteric energies and flows well with his versatile, freestyle-rap delivery style.

Sonically, he says while his sound is unique and all his own, he has a musical appreciation for the "in depth lyricism of Zumbi, the vocal intonations of Jay-Z and the reverence for the culture of Hip hop like KRS One."

"tap dancing on your expectations. I want you to bang this while you lane switch.

My favorite song on the EP is Go Get it featuring Jr Nadox. This track moves and flows with that West Coast rap energy. And the music's production quality on tracks like Why and Preach give the project an electric jolt. 



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