From Texas to Atlanta, Rapper Playamadde Brings Bars, Beats and Emotions

Playamadde  is an up and coming rap artist. He's originally from McKinney, Texas but like many hip hop artists, the rapper now calls Atlanta home. This summer, he dropped a fiery 7 song project entitled, "Sugar Hill Baby Vol. 1." It contains some bangers like 4 Deadly Sins, featuring Dot Comm which combines a dope trap beat with hard hitting bars. He raps, "when the money low, everything kumbaya. Funny how the love change with the quickness when jealousy enter the picture." Another  track on the album that you should check out is Stuck N My Ways. This song exudes his Texas roots. The vibe is more of a Southern Hip Hop, and he spits about his hometown, how gangstas move in silence, and "getting to the money, thats all I need." 

In addition to the album, he also dropped a single last week called Karma which shows off his versatility and vulnerability as an artist. As he melodically raps on the track, you can hear two things: his southern accent and his pain. The 32 year old artist opens up about a situation gone bad, "you say I'm too emotional. B*tch f*ck you." 

"The game is locked; I am the key..."

What made you move from Texas to the A? How long you been in Atlanta?
Honestly, I needed a change of scenery.... I had so many distractions that where keeping me from focusing on myself... I been in Atlanta going on 2 years.

Who are your musical influences?
My musical influences are Project Pat , Young Dolph, Big Krit, Webbie, Boosie, Troy Ave , Nipsey Hussle, Kevin Gates... like I love music!

What was your upbringing like? Have any of your experiences shaped your lyrics?
My upbringing is a blurry vision really... People remember what they choose to remember. I choose to remember the moments that  make me stronger and push harder everyday.

Facts, so how would you describe your sound?
My sound I would say is based on how I feel. I let the beat point me in the right direction.

Dream Collab?
My dream collab I would have to say is Kevin gates...and Dolph.

Favorite thing to do when not making music.
Brainstorm. I like to do that when I’m not making music.



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