Rapper JYNACYDE Unleashes Classic, Lofi Hip Hop Vibes on Upcoming Album, 'Before Columbus'

While most folk know Detroit as a powerhouse of hip hip and r&b, Michigan music scene is much bigger than its motor city.  Grand Rapids, Michigan based hip hop artist, JYNACYDE is a strong musical force pushing out hardcore rap bars and a classic sound. Perhaps his show-stopping vibe comes at least in part from his upbringing in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I got a chance to preview the rapper's upcoming album, "Before Columbus", set to be released on September 17th. 

This new project features JYNACYDE's solid flow structure. He has a classic sound that, at times, gives off underground basement, lofi type vibes as he raps over hard-hitting beats and drops off that sick lyrical content that not enough artists possess. 

And he steps confidently into his old-school sound. He even raps about his clinging to the classic elements. He spits, "but I still drink gin and juice, f*ck grey goose. I'm old school."

Through his songs and verses, he unravels the story and meaning behind the album's intriguing title. He spits, "I burn trees with the natives outta peace pipes." And true hip hop heads will appreciate his consistent delivery of dope punchlines like when he raps, "hop out the coupe, three piece suit with four buttons. Hoe hunting. B*tches in the club so stunning."

His content is gritty, raw, and unfiltered. He raps, "if I can't sling dro, I'm gon' run game on a hoe. B*tch git my bread. Rain, sleet, snow." His vocal sound and delivery show versatility as his structure adapts to the variety of beats on this project. He sounds like a cross between Nas, early Boosie, and Rakim.

You can preview the album on SoundCloud here....

JYNACYDE is one of the founding fathers in the Upryzin Ent Network which will present the album in lofi by JYNACYDE and DJ Damuzi.

"Will I cope from these bitter days, can't I get a good life and suppress my wicked ways"

The album will be available on all major streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Pandora Radio, YouTube, Amazon, and Deezer.


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