Rapper Killahronh Delivers Terrific Album, 'Drodian Renegade'

Killahronh is a remarkable artist for his innovative ideas, fresh sound, and profound bars. His laid back vibe is perhaps a result of his Los Angeles upbringing. He's originally from Cerritos, California, but is now living in Downey, California. 

His latest project is entitled "Drodian Renegade". Its an eleven song  project that contains some nice, mellow hip hop tracks like Temptations-Remix. On the song, Killahronh raps about obstacles he's had to deal with in life. He raps, "I came a long way surviving a broken home. Once my pops died, I was stuck on my own. Forced to be a man, goddamn I'm grown." The melodic chorus on this jawn really brings the message home and meshes all the components together. 

Killahronh has a classic appreciation for rap. You can hear his internal boom bap beat  moving through his flow as he spits. Another track of note is Vibrations. This song really highlights Killahronh's skills as a lyricist. He maintains a steady pace as  he raps, "everybody's tryna win in a hurry. Steph Curry. I see the vision, but you see it blurry."

On Therapy, he creatively infuses familiar text sounds in to the track. But more interesting are the song's lyrical content. He spits about secret attractions, anxiety, wound healing, and ass.

"Don't be oblivious. Ignorance is insidious..."

Aaron Lucas was brought into the Drodian fold as a solo act in the midst of developing the entity known as KILLAHRONH.  Killahronh is an 80's baby who is familiar with the Golden Era of Hip Hop yet remains on the cusp of Millennialism. 

He has acquired and developed an obscure signature ability known as "The Golden Ear of Van Gogh".  He enhanced his signature ability as a drummer in the (2) piece Indie Rock Band (SKIDWARD), and then being a drummer in the (5) piece Hip Hop/Electro/Rock band (LIVE FROM LA). 

In 2017 he was chosen to be Drodian™ CEO in which he made the brand official, building the Drodian TV/Drodian TV app, emphasizing leadership fighting alongside his colleagues in this cut throat music industry, and living the brands motto:  positivity, enlightenment, talent, action, and quality. 

He uses his position and abilities to identify talents that are destined for success, collaborating with/supporting hip hop preservers while fine tuning his own style of sound combining which he calls, "audio art".


Website: Www.everythingdrodian.com

Instagram: @drodiankillahronh @drodian_killahronh  @drodianrenegadepoetics  @therealdrodians 


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