Sean Delaney's New Project, 'Heart of A Lion' is Lyrical Gold

Sean Delaney came on the hip hop scene in 2014 facing an uphill battle. As a white rapper with a "90's" style flow, there's an irresistible urge to compare him to Slim Shady or Macklemore. But that's actually a compliment, because  both are super talented emcees. Moreover, while Em had the backing of a major label, Delaney has held his own, dropping numerous projects independently.  His latest release is a 6 song EP entitled "Heart of A Lion" which he plans to follow-up with a full-length studio album by the same name. 

The project is filled with some incredible tracks like Destiny's Callin featuring Grammy nominated singer, David Je where Sean spits, "these six joints will be the best songs, that I ever make, but I say that  about all of them that I toss in the crates." He has a calm demeanor, but an intensity in his delivery. Each lyrics sounds carefully crafted with introspective content that draws his listeners closer to him. The inspiring and hair raising instrumentals tie all the songs elements in perfectly. 

Born in Hudson, New York, a small, chill town a couple hours north of New York City. He is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist and entrepreneur with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop. He has always approached his brand as a positive movement to try and help people understand the significance of being inspired, passionate and dedicated in life. He even created his own fashion line, Sincerely Dedicated Co. to represent his love of being dedicated.

"Looking through the glass, you can see your face. Remnants of the past that you should erase."

Another dope song on the EP is The Journey featuring Jason Adamo where Sean Delaney shows off the versatility in his flow structure. In addition to opening up for talents like Slaughterhouse, the late Sean Price, and the late Legend DMX, the rapper has a string of awards as a songwriter including the New York State Excellence Award for his lyrics on “Open Your Eyes”, which was the first ever Hip hop song on Autism. The video reached over 250K views before going viral was an actual thing. He was given a front line pass for his songwriting ability for Season 9 of America’s Got Talent and has performed all over the country since coming onto the scene in 2014.

He has released numerous tracks and albums independently under his indie label Hud City Entertainment which is now Rock Your Weird Entertainment where he is connecting with his fans through his uplifting melodies, and an inspired personal flow. 
 His social media is growing exponentially everyday and he continues to build connections and create lanes that will only propel the success of his seasoned career. 

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