Young ATL Artist, Mia Madison is a Fresh New Musical Force

Over the Labor Day weekend, I spent much of my time at home catching up on must see tv and listening to new music. In the process, I came across a young talent named Mia Madison. She's an upcoming musician out of Atlanta, Georgia. With all the dope music coming out of the A, coming across another fresh talent should come as no surprise, but Mia is not like most other artists. She's only 12 years old!  And while she hasn't even hit her teens, the singer has released 6 songs this year. Her latest single, Radio has quickly become a fan favorite. 

The song's sound is unique. The feel is a mix of house, progressive r&b, and pop-ish kinda elements. There are even subtle notes of afro-beats.  As Mia sings over the instrumentation and drum beat, you get a sense of her love for music. 

"Me and my crew might just get up there and act a fool..."

When she sings, Mia has a command of her voice that is well beyond most girls her age. Sonically, she sounds like a mashup of Summer Walker, Willow Smith, and Destiny Rogers. And despite her grown-up sound, she keeps her lyrics age appropriate. On Radio, she sings, "now I'm in the studio thinking this song might really blow. All of my girls like ey yo.."

Mia Madison is a versatile artist. Another one of her songs that you must hear is Billy Gates. On the hip hop track, Mia switches up her vibe, delivering a solid flow and energetic rap bars about owning her boss status. She raps, "told my vp I love what I'm doing.. that's bossin'...Call me Billy Gates" 

How did you get started in music?
I got started singing when I was 5 years old. My parents put me in a musical theater class.

What artists are in your most listened to Spotify playlist?
I love listening to Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Alicia Keys.

What inspires your lyrics?
My life experiences inspire my lyrics.

Dream Collab?
 I would love to collaborate with Rihanna.

In addition to the bangin' music, she's also into acting. Mia dropped two dope videos this year. Her visual for My Best showed off her skills as an actress. The music video was a whole mini-movie with accredited actors, Amber Sweet-Sterner and Jackson Trent. In the video, Mia touches on a powerful subject-- being bullied at school. In My Best, you see her being told she's not good enough to be signed to a label. With that said, she reflected, gave it her best and finally got signed. 

New Style of Life is a soulful pop tune about Mia realizing that home schooling is not exactly the same as being in school. Her struggle easily hits home for many young people who are experiencing COVID fatigue. The pandemic was taking it's course on the young starlet but she's trying to overcome it. In the music video, she also shows us that she can do her thing on the dance floor. Check out the video below:

The singer, rapper, and actress worked with Rising Action Studios to executive produce her own videos. Between her stellar vocals, dancing ability, and acting chops, this girl is ready to show that world that she a triple threat. Her sound is refreshing, the caliber of her music production is A1, and her lyrics are on point for the times we are living in.  Mia Madison is definitely a force to watch and is ready to catch a bag!

Her music is available on major streaming platforms.



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