ALBUM REVIEW: Brooklyn Bred R&B Artist, Hef Delivers on Latest Project, 'Lone Wolf'

Hef is a talented singer, hip hop artist, and model from the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. He started recording last year during the pandemic, and he aims to make music that tells a story. Entitled "Lone Wolf", his most recent release is a seductive, 15 track album that infuses elements of hip hop, soul, and r&b to deliver an innovative melodic journey into love, loneliness, and commitment. 

The album opens with Left Unsaid uses an intriguing soulful dissonance to usher in a substantive yet progressive R&B realness. You immediately get the feeling that you're in for a musical treat. On Timeout, in addition to a nice rap feature by Yandhi, there's a dope echo-like call and response element; he sings, "lately I been feeling lazy. My mind's always been so hazy. Smoke weed just to keep me sane. People treat me like I'm crazy. Or is it because they hate me..."

Hef finds his musical inspiration from artists like Chris Brown, Jhené Aiko, and other R&B artists. He uses the experiences in his life to motivate him to create his music. On the Low ft. Jay Relentless has a slow, sexy drip. He lyrically exposes his emotions, singing, "I know you want to know, but it's safer if I keep it on the low."

"Tip toe, tip toe. Babe there is no rush, we have all night. Lets take it slow."

Senses is another lit song. Lyrically, its one of the strongest tracks on the project. His message comes off like urban poetry -- set to a nice, chill r&b instrumental.  Other songs that stood out include You Don't where he sings, "I really hope you believe it, I said I really you can see it,.. the picture that I'm painting,"  Backwoods,  and Stay With Me -- which feels like a nostalgic lovechild of Destiny's Child's Emotion and Tamia's Officially Missing You. 

Hef's real yet smooth vocal stylings make the album a vibe.  This is definitely an album you need to hear, and its available on major streaming platforms.



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