Bilingual Rap Duo Finite Galaxy Takes Listeners on a Musical Journey with 'The Getaway'

I'm sitting here listening to the rain beat on my windows with the new album from Oklahoma City rap duo, Finite Galaxy playing in the background. The project is entitled "The Getaway", and its a soothing, innovative, intergalactic-like musical experience. You can feel and hear a blend of hard-hitting classic rap vibes in two different languages -- English and Hindi. Sundeep Sharma, one half of the duo, raps in Hindi. He was born in India but moved to the United States 15 years ago. He's started messing around with music in 2018, and served as producer on this project.

His rap-partner, Flo St8 was born in Indiana and now lives in Oklahoma. He's also a producer and raps; he can be heard rapping in English on the album.

"I am just playing the music that comes from the gods..."

"The Getaway" is a smooth, 12 track album. Sonically, you get chill-hop,  lofi, alternative hip hop vibes. The duo's album gives off  everything from smooth jazz, funk, and soul to lofi, classic-rap laced with traces of EDM. Sundeep's enthusiasm for the project and its groundbreaking sound is infectious. "We are the only bilingual rap duo in Oklahoma, and maybe even in the entire US," he said. There is no doubt something special about the energies combined on "The Getaway". The album opens with a dramatic and well orchestrated Prologue that has a boom bap rhythm that pulsates from the beat into the lyrics. 

Standouts on the album include COMB which has a nice new-age, 90s nostalgic feel. On Drifting Away featuring Dark Gnome, the sound shifts from alt-rock to spaced out into lofi Hindi hip hop realness. Musically, Third Eye is dope. The looping and sampling will have you feeling like you're listening to West Coast rap at an Italian mob frequented restaurant. On Ruh Meri, Sundeep's verse where he raps about his soul feels like a juxtaposition of Hindustani hip hop, jazzy adlibs and groove.

On CitySunrise, I felt like I was floating through a dreamy rap-themed video game. Its a sick track that just keeps adding elements and spills into Skyline, another nice chill-hop instrumental that even throws in a reggae drumline towards the end.  I like the mixture of lyrical and instrumental tracks. On Everything, Flo Str8 raps, "I am the freedom inside us." There is a liberal spirit both musically and lyrically that lives in this album. Overall, I'd definitely say "The Getaway" is worth a stream.



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