Ericc Antonio Talks New Single, 'Round and Round'

Ericc Antonio is a rapper, singer, and songwriter with a unique sound and standout lyrical content. His witty concepts bring a variety of flow patterns that will keep listeners engaged as he takes them with him on his hip hop  meets soul musical exploration. From a head bobbing blues inflected track in Eye Gotcha to guitar laced trap and soul funk sounds of his latest release, Round and Round, his music is innovative, reflective and relevant.  As an artist, he makes sure his songs maintain a modern appeal while not being afraid to that take on hard topics like police brutality and post traumatic stress disorder, seamlessly weaving it all in with catchy hooks, bridges and melodies adapted for today's culture.

On the track, his delivery is a mix of edgy soul and melodic rap--it feels like a cross between Omarion, J. Cole and Bryson Tiller.  His cool, non-abrasive flow and unfiltered biographical kinda backpack content give Round and Round an intimate feel. 

"They spinning you round. They see you wearing a crown, swimming like you bout to drown."

The boom-bap of the beat on the song feels organic; it hits nicely with the instrumental loops and Ericc Antonio's vocals. He shows versatility as he switches back and forth between bars and stanzas (perhaps a nod to Drake who he credits as one of his top musical inspirations).  Intrigued by the track's smooth yet poppin' vibe and his versatile delivery style, I had to dive deeper into the story behind Round and Round and its author.  

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

My inspiration is Andre 3000, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake…

In Round and Round you spit, "bury my dick in a centerfold". Bro, whats the story behind this song?

Round and Round is about an aspiring rapper who finally gets his big break to be faced with betrayal, deceit, jealousy and envy. Success brings out all the snakes ...even the ones closest to you and everyone wants a piece.

In the beginning, he’s speaking on what he wants to do like most rappers when they get put on. Want fancy cars, jewels, and fuck hot models, but then there’s the flip side...“Bro I got your back” here comes the snakes... He fed up & he tells all them to eat this dick with their vegetables. It’s like who can you trust not even your closest folks and it’s taking it’s toll on him.

How has your life, upbringing, experiences shaped you as an artist? In what ways?

Growing up in Oakland shaped me to who I am today... Where I grew up, its dog eat dog.  Then on the other side of town, it’s vibrant, so you learn quick how to maneuver between the two. It also has a lot of history with the Black Panther party starting there. Then and now there is and has always been a sense of culture and pride.

Your sound is innovative and musical. Where do you draw from for your creativity?

My creativity has been a work in progress. I got here by doing it when people thought I quit for years. New people I met and know didn’t know I do music. This is my therapy, and I felt it’s time to let the world know. My creativity is drawn from life experiences and trying to express it differently than another artist. I’m like ok I like how such and such did that... how can I do it differently? You know... challenging yourself, reaching for the highest level.

Ericc Antonio's new single, Round and Round will be available Oct. 18th on all major streaming platforms. 






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