Honeythick Shows Control and Skill on 'Still Pimpin' Freestyle

Aside from Foxy, Kim, Missy, Brat, and Queen, for much of rap's earlier years, there was a dearth of dope female emcees. In the last ten years, dope forces like Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Cardi B emerged. And more recently, City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion have enjoyed massive successes for the hip hop crown. These ladies have ensured there is now a defined path forward for talented and ambitious female rappers, but they've gotta bring the heat. 

I was just introduced to a sharp mouthed, raw, and highly engaging rapper named Honeythick. She has a solid flow and a nice a razor-edged delivery style. The rapper just dropped a new freestyle called Still Pimpin.  On the track, she spits, "I'm Honeythick, I'm a bad bih and I'm losing control," but she's definitely in control of her delivery on this freestyle, and it's hard.  

For the beat, Honeythick raps over a 2020 version of the Still Tippin' produced by The Mili$ha.  While most people associate the Still Tippin' beat with Mike Jones, the original version of the song is sampled from Slim Thug's own song "I'm a Hoe (Freestyle)" (from his 1998 album I Represent This), and can be heard on the Rap-a-Lot Records compilation, "The Day After Hell Broke Loose."

"I'm from the West, but I like my men from the South. Gold chain, eat me out with the grill in his mouth..."

Honeythick who says "they call me honeythick because I'm sweet and thick like honey baby!" is from Apple Valley, California and has put in the work and dedication to shine. "I've been rapping for 5 years, my biggest inspiration is Missy Elliot," she explains. 

This chick is a rap talent you won't soon forget. 


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QntvUZAASQ

Instagram: @honeythick


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