HOOD FLICK REVIEW: Philly's J Spaz Drops New Mini- Movie, 'Trust'

Earlier this week, I asked a homie for movie recommendations. Like most people, he suggested I watch Netflix's The Squid Game, but I was looking for something a little bit more gritty, urban, and well... hood. Thanks to YouTube algorithms, I came across a cool short flick entitled Trust. It's actually a mini-movie that just dropped. It is set in Philadelphia, and its got all the right ingredients: money, crime, and a good plot line.

You can watch the first episode of the movie and read my review below:


Trust was directed by Joseph Chauncey Reaves, known publicly as J SpazThe basic premise is that there is a group of friends who are running a Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) scam around the neighborhood. Things get shaky and they run into some problems with each other as the codes of trust are broken.

J Spaz, a rising rap force outta Philly, is also one of the main characters in the film.  It also features Fats 62, North Philly Rocc, and Shawn. While the first episode of this movie only runs about 12 minutes, it is broken down into parts. In the last part, called "The Loss", there are some ghetto comedic moments that real ones can definitely relate to -- like when Spaz meets up with his boy, Shawn who is supposed to drive him down to West Philly and "flip that bread". Before the plot thickens, Shawn says, "you got all the money, I got all the food stamps. I'm tryna eat too."

There are some really dope, fresh, and innovative camera angles, and I like the locations used in the film, especially the opening shots  under the elevated train line. It really sets the mood for where the movie is set, and what to expect. 

The soundtrack of this episode includes "Ghetto News", a dope track by J Spaz feat. Eness.

The vibe on Trust is authentic and raw. You MUST peep the movie.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gIYYrIgC08


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