L.A. Rapper, NatStar Drops Dope New Album, 'The Code'

Los Angeles based hip-hop artist, NatStar just dropped a new album which is a must hear for hip hop heads. Entitled "The Code", the 21 track project contains fresh, innovate sounds. From mellow futuristic beats to the rapper's smooth lyrical wordplay, the album is worth a stream. The album includes features by Jrama, YSA, and Xitanna.

I was immediately drawn to BBL (go figure); the song has a West Coast sound and feel. He raps, "she a bad b*tch; she don't need a n*gga handouts. Ass make the cool n*ggas band out."

"This shit for the crown, I'mma overdose. She my f*ckin' queen. I'mma hold her close..."

Heavy is a dope song that gives off drill-soul vibes. It's an out of the box, genre-curious track that is excellently produced and mixed. NatStar's delivery on this track hits hard yet smooth. He spits, "this sh*t so heavy, you don't wanna see it. This sh*t the pressure, you don't want believe it."

Sonically, NatStar gives me hues of Drake and Roddy Rich while painting his own hip hop + progressive r&b musical portrait. Standouts on the album include The Code, LOCORing, and Flower Child but the project as a whole is stamped


Instagram: @natsocold

Twitter: @natsocold

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0CgDlZhQUM7ixcCRjTNMKR

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/_/1589652947

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/natsocold/sets/the-code


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