Rapper, Singer, & Producer, Eyedos Set to Release New Rap Album, 'The Guerrilla Tape'

As the leaves fall and the cool breezes slide into the mix, I'm inclined to roll up my car windows and blast some dope rap tunes. One project, I'm definitely looking forward to is the new upcoming album by rapper, singer, and producer, Eyedos. The New England native is dropping his 23 track album, "The Guerrilla Tape" on November 12th, but I got to check it out before it is released on the major streaming platforms. 

The album is a juxtaposition of classic rap beats, innovative musical loops, and explosive lyrics. To create his unique sound, the Burlington, Vermont rapper uses an eclectic mix of soul, rock, lofi hip hop elements. "The Guerrilla Tape" shows the true artistry and versatility of Eyedos. 

The 34 year old rapper was once a comic artist, but Eyedos directed his creative drive towards writing, rhyming & production. "I rap/sing, write, record and engineer all of my work. Produce and master a good majority as well," he explained.

One of the highlights of the album is The Cycle. Its a high-energy, groovy track that sounds and feels like the real deal. Eyedos has a fast-paced flow that matches his explosive lyrical content. The strings give the song a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony kinda early 90s nostalgic sound.

Another track you must hear is Highs In Low Places. The song sets a stark contrast to the classic boom-bap rap sound you hear on songs like Bottom Shelf, Too Nuts, and As Is Written. This track has a fresh, futuristic anthem kinda feel. As he sings, "anytime you feeling low, just remember the people you know", you get the sense that you're listening to an alt-rock song. Born in Massachusetts and raised in Vermont, Eyedos spent most of his childhood sketching & listening to a blend of Blues, Metal and Classic Rock but always identified music as a form of self-expression. At age 12, he found a love for hip hop.

On S.T.E.P, there's a smooth jazz loop that lays under a rough beat as Eyedos sing-raps with a touch of autotune. It feels like a cross between chill-hop and Hard & B. Things get down and open as he sings, "I just wanna get away, get far away from this place."

As a rapper, his delivery style is intense and fast moving. He raps with precision and speed, flowing through bars like he's competing in an underground cypher. His ferocious style really shines through on Booty Talk and So This, So That. But my favorite song on the album is Highest Highest. It has a vibe similar to The Cycle, but more fully captures the essence of the chillhop lofi sound that I love.

"The Guerrilla Tape" fully showcases the talent and creative energy of Eyedos, and I'm excited for you all to get to experience the musical magic on this project. It drops on Nov. 12th on all major streaming platforms.


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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheRealEyedos
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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/Ey3dos
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TikTok: http://www.tiktok.com/@eyedos


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