Rapper/Producer/Engineer, Half Consciou$ Drops Dope + Meaningful Album, 'Restitutions'

Last night I streamed the new album by LA based rap artist, Half Consciou$. As his name suggests, his lyrics are thoughtful and provoke "woke" conversations and motivations for action. Entitled "Restitutions", the album contains 13 brilliant tracks of flow, fury, freedom, and facts. His sound is out-of-the-box; perhaps it is his a result of his upbringing and life experiences.... "I’m from Gary, Indiana," he explained, "but currently live in LA. I have traveled a lot...to many different cities, and a few different countries seeing many walls of life. This has helped inspire some of my music."

"With my name being Half Consciou$, I do live that same way.. I grew up in a rough city and have roots stemming from that environment. On the other side I naturally have an extreme thirst for knowledge, and a strong will to think for myself and become better," he explained to our editorial staff.  And his music imparts on us that same energy. There is so much he says, but he's only just sparking conversations; the listeners have to take the next steps.

The project is part history, part enlightenment. Half Consciou$ speaks lots of truth and draws attention some some unexplained research. It kicks off with Matrix where he raps, "slavery comes in many forms, ya''ll talking prejudice. Blood type is everything. I'm working with geneticists."

Consciou$ says his research brought him to the motivation for the album. "This is that the majority of “Black” people in America are actually indigenous to the Americas and not Africa. This has been scientifically proven due to the fact that O blood type is only related to the western world, which includes a huge portion of blacks in America, or their ancestors. This results in even further lies and deception in the oppression of the US," he explained.

On Mutts, theres a dope piano loop infused in the beat. The song gets into some heavy conversations, and Half Consciou$ does not shy away. He spits, "we inferior, huh? But you couldn't stay away from them big booties. So many illegitimate kids. You deserve child support from Judge Judy. And you wanna say we no good fathers. Huh...take a look in the mirror." His powerful lyrics will leave you really thinking.

"Restitutions, leans heavy on the conscious side but mainly with production you wouldn’t expect from a conscious rapper," he explained. I loved the worldly, fast-paced experimental feel of Moorocco. I felt like I was inside a music video shoot for The Weeknd.  Other standouts include Riots 1.5, Seminoles ft. LordBlessTheFre$h, and the jazzy feeling track, Blind Leading the Blind.

There is so much to unpack. Its definitely the kind of project that continues to unwind as you listen to the music again and again.  "Restitutions" is full of fresh, creative sounds and gives off good vibes; its definitely worth a listen. 



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