S-Wrap + Rashad thaPoet Drop Dope 'The Other Side' Spoken Word Collab

As a music blogger,  you can I imagine how many projects I get asked to listen to.  But while there is always new music coming up the bend, there is a dearth of good, uplifting music.  Yesterday, I listened to the new collaborative spoken word album by S-Wrap and Rashad thaPoet. The Nashville, Tennessee pair put together an insightful, innovative sounding project entitled "The Other Side"

There were a number of songs on the album that stood out.  The opener, I Don't Know, slowly pulls in eclectic musical elements like wind, bass guitar, and a Southern twanged soliloquy of self realization and introspection.

The 9 track album is a "hero's journey of making it to "The Other Side" --which is success, living and thriving in your passion/purpose/art/career/etc," Rashad explained.  And as a listener, you can really feel the progression sonically. "The album starts from the point of realization and moves through the ebbs and flow of that journey until you have arrived on "The Other Side", the artist said.

"The duality of your mind can bring so much unnecessary pain."

Lyrically, there is so much positivity in this album.  A spark of magic is let loose on This Light. I love the upbeat pulse and the dope soulful harmonies.  This album reminds me of  the 2000s era Atlanta hip-hop duo, Outkast.  There's something sweet and nostalgic that happens these two decades later-- my ears enjoyed S-Wrap and Rashad thaPoet's nostalgic Southern accents spit out captivating lyrical content over dope  jazzy/funk/soul infused accompaniment.

Bet on You  has a neo-soul vibe. This track could sit smoothly into a playlist with Musiq Soulchild and Common. There are subtle lofi elements, and a the tune has a nice groove. 

There's a line in Sleep that really got me thinking. It goes, "Why be boxed in? Stop being compliant with mediocrity." The juxtaposition of musical genius and lyrical greatness makes this project one you will enjoy and remember. A couple other noteworthy tracks include  which has an unforgettable lineHear Me Out and Alright Then

"The Other Side" has been submitted for The Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.


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