UK Rapper Joe Radio Lets Loose on New Rap Single, 'Are We There Yet' ft. Mark Battles

For my next artist spotlight, I jumped across the pond. 27 year old emcee, Joe Radio, is from Leicester, UK. Though he's only a year into the hip hop scene, he's already making a noticeable footprint--working with dope artists and producers in the UK and the US.  He just dropped a new rap single entitled, Are We There Yet.

The new track includes a feature from legendary US rapper, Mark Battles, "who reached out after he heard one of my previous tracks Big Dreams," Joe Radio explained. 

The song has an old-school, classic rap beat. Radio and Battles both deliver on the mic with that boom-bap delivery of their lyrics. This song definitely feels like a boombastic Beastie Boys-ish beatbox blast of the past; it explains why the song is already getting love on Spotify. Radio says, "it's crazy to see the way that it's grown and to start building up a fanbase across the world!"

"So if I had a genie gimme a whole lotta wishes, I still don't know how to tell em' what my wish is..."

Joe Radio counts amongst his influences Mac Miller and Childish Gambino, "but I also listen to a lot of classic hip-hop/rap like Eminem, Dr Dre and Outkast," he told our editors. Listening to Joe Radio, you can feel there's a clear respect for rap culture and music. His new single is definitely worth a listen. It's out now on all major platforms.



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