ALBUM REVIEW: YK Raleigh Talks New Mixtape, 'Voices of the Black Sheep 2'

This past summer we spotlighted a rising rap artist who is making waves outta Atlanta. Now YK Raleigh is back with the sequel to his summer project. Entitled "Voices of the Black Sheep 2",  the North Carolina native infuses sounds, scenes, and stories from back home with some edgy ATL trap vibes. But there is a much more serious tone this time around. 

"If I'm witchu in the beginning, then I'm witchu in the end" 

YK kicks off the mixtape with LongLiveMakia444Ever,  a nod to his lil sis who he recently lost . On the track he raps,"I rather kick it by my lonely cuh niggas be rubbin me the wrong way."

I caught up with the talented rapper to get some clarity to some of the lyrics I heard...

Whats the story behind this project?

In 2021, I hit the ground running hard...shutdown performance one after the other. I dropped my debut project earlier this year.  In the midst of having a groundbreaking year, I lost my little sister, Makia LilJim Dickens.  June 22, 2021, I had to bury my 20 year old little sister. 

Trying to figure out how to heal from the scar of my sister's death birthed the sound behind Voice of the Black Sheep 2. 

Wow. That's a lot, bruh. I can't even imagine all the emotions that you must have been experiencing... So, what do you want listeners to take away from this second installment?

Listening to the first tape and then listening to the second tape, I believe any listener will easily take away the growth between the 1st an 2nd tape. Lyrically the content improved, creativity on each record. I want people to take away your story not over until you decide it’s over... Anything possible.

"I definitely wanna shoutout SCM Music Group... that’s my management that’s another thing that changed between the first tape and the second one," he explained.

Another dope track that shows off his signature sound and flow is Broken Promises [Remix]. This song is a whole vibe. This sick high hats and trap beat compliment his laid back, southern sound. The song also includes a feature by rapper, Teddy Krueger.

Other tape standouts include Stand Tall which has energy all on its own, and Mansa Musa"Voices of the Black Sheep 2" is out now and available on Apple Music and other streaming platforms. 


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