ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Marcel Metoyer Talks Latest Project, 'Director's Cut'

Marcel Metoyer is a 27 year old Southern California based hip hop creator. "I was born in San Bernardino and raised in Inland Empire," he explained.  His latest work is a full-length rap album entitled "Director's Cut".  It's a dynamic project; his sound is hard-- at time classic feeling; others experimental leaning. His lyrical content is based off his lived experiences, and he has a knack for storytelling. Listening to the album, I felt he understood not only the mechanics of rap, but the reverence of real hip hop. His flow felt refreshingly classic a la Cole, Nas, Drake. For true hip hop heads, the album is a must hear.

"Blood line ain't raised me to be no buster. History taught me to be a hustler." 

One of my favorites on "Director's Cut" is  Aftermath at the Capital. The song has that lofi vibe, a sick acoustic drum beat, and a warped sounding flow that provided him a sounding board after the January 6th attacks in Washington, DC. He spits, "I study each day like it's the charts." 

Metoyer writes, produces, and raps. He said, "I always played around with music out of my own entertainment with family and friends. As I got more mature I started taking it to another level, wanting to become great."

What’s the story behind the album? 

It's a compilation album of my old music, Introducing me instead of my alias. 

What do you want listeners to take away from the project? 

I want listeners to walk away aware of the political bars, cinema-type dialogue, and new wave beats.

How would you describe your sound? 

My sound is inspired by classical black and white movie scores. 

Musically, who are your influences?

My influences are Rod Serling, Capital Steez, Nas, JAY Z, MF DOOM,  and Ice Cube.


Instagram: @metoyerblessed

Twitter: @MarcelMetoyer



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