ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Baltimore Rap Duo, Bros Inc Goes Hard on New Single, 'Hide'

Ma’el and Yasha Muhammad – AKA Bully Boy and 410 YDB – are biological brothers who make up the dynamic rap duo known as Bros Inc. The two recently inked a deal with Rosemond Music Group (RMG)/Sony Music Publishing and dropped a dope single entitled Hide.  

The track mixes a hard-hitting beat and some smooth instrumental accompaniment with the raw, gritty lyrical content of the duo. The Baltimore natives don't hold back, exposing the good, bad and ugly side of their hood.  In the video--which has been shared heavily since it dropped late last month-- Bully Boy and 410 YDB give viewers a taste of what it was like growing up in Baltimore. On the track, 410 YDB raps "no we ain't never had a silver spoon, but we had a plastic plate." 

As many know, Baltimore is no Disneyland. Violence and tragedy was a significant part of Bros Inc's story.  In their music, they spit their pain.  On Hide, 410 YDB raps, "I had few brothers never made it home lil' nigga I had to pray. Remember when we was totting bb guns we had to graduate, I wont let Abba-father lose another son that forty going to blast today."

The song shares both sides of their hustle and trap life --the grind and the shine. 

"I been in this mo goin berzerk, no they can't stop me..."

These boys go hard, and they're definitely bout to pop. 

What are ya'll ages?

I’m Bully Boy Mael, and I’m 21. My little bro, 410YDB is 19.

What part of Baltimore y'all from, and how long have ya'll been making music?

We are from West Baltimore and we been rapping for the past ten years.

Tell me about your upbringing. How did ya'll grow up?

We grew up in the jungle; we learned early what loss is. We lost three of our older brothers in these mean streets. My oldest brother was killed by Baltimore police, my other brother was killed in gang violence, and another brother died from a drug overdose.

Check out their video below ...

The single, Hide is available on all major platforms. The album is coming soon and will be called "Bully Way Living".


Instagram: @Bullyboy.mael     @410ydb






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