Pittsburgh Rapper, Cassius412 Opens Up About His Life on New Album, 'NorthSides Finest'

35 year old hip-hop artist/producer, Cassius412 put his heart and soul in his latest project, a rap album entitled "NorthSides Finest". The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper says the album is like his life story.  Growing up, life was rough, and he had to put away childish things fairly quickly. He even had to put music away for while. After 7 years, he's diving back into the art form that is embracing him with open arms. 

The 20 track album kicks off with the aptly titled song, Northsides Finest.  Out the gate, he's giving listeners that backpack rap feel. He raps, "from the darkest depths of Hell, yet I prevail.. ready to unveil."

I love the riveting piano chords and melodic chorus on Dying Inside. He spits about tears, being broken, wanting a family, and "lovin' these b*tches that don't love me back." Listeners will most certainly connect with this song. 

Don't let that hate affect your commas.

On Anywhere but Here, Cassius412 mixes elements of trap and alt-rock to create a dope sounding tune that reflects on dysfunctional family dynamics, his kids hearing momma screaming through the walls, and feeling "like I'm not wanted here" as he ponders disappearing.  On Violent 01, the mood switches up. The beat is sick and  Cassius412 lets loose his inner-beast on the mic.

Other notable tracks include Heavens Interlude which uses an epic gospel sample, Nada Bitch which samples the beat from Lil Baby's The Bigger Picture, and Already Dead where he raps, "how could you kill me? I already died." Listening to the album, you definitely get the sense that Cassius412 has a story to tell, and he's got the chops and tools to tell it in his own voice.  The album is a must hear!

Whats the story behind this project?
Northside is the heart of Pittsburgh. You grow up fast and learn to deal with loss (or try to). This is my ode to the Northside and to Pittsburgh in general while explaining my life.

How would you describe your sound?
I think I sound like a mixture of a lot of people, but nobody sounds like me if that’s makes sense. I’m influenced by so many artists past and present.

Who’s in your Top 5, dead or alive?
It changes to be honest, but right now Pac, Rakim, Hov, Em and Wayne.

Dream Collab?
Dream collab would be Eminem, Joyner Lucas, and J Cole... All on one track. I Would prolly have to rewrite my verse 20 times,  but those type of artists bring the best out of you.

How has your upbringing and life experiences shaped your lyrics?
No two struggles are the same. My upbringing gave me one of the greatest story’s never told. I stopped making music in my 20s and came back at 35. I'm not in it for the same reason as everyone else... Money and fame don’t appeal to me. Telling my story while making music I love and helping people along the way. If I lived any other life, I prolly would have never picked up a pen.



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