Rapper Tru Judah Brings a Message of Change, Consciousness and Spirituality on New Album, 'Narrow Road Mobbin Vol.1'

This weekend, I caught up with Sacramento, California native,  Tru Judah. He recently dropped 16 track rap album that is full of truth, wisdom, rage, and enlightenment.  Entitled "Narrow Road Mobbin, Vol. 1",  the conscious rap meets spirituality based project has so many nuggets to unpack. The album touches on so many issues facing our community. 

From pain and PTSD to false prophets and betrayal, lyrically it's all there.  This is so important as the Black community finally opened up to a real conversation on mental health. On the You'll Never Find Another One, he spits, "sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I cry. Stuck in the middle, and I don't know why."  Tru Judah is an artist whose career is guided a sole noble mission: "waking up the true 12 tribes of Israel", he explained. Having resisted the pull and glorified, unbridled allure of South Sacramento gang violence in the 90s, which claimed the lives of many of his childhood friends, he dedicated himself to both sports and music.

Inspired by the teachings of prominent Black leaders in his youth, Tru Judah founded a non-profit at the age of 16 — an early example of his ambition to create change in the world. He took a chance on himself following high school, moving to L.A. to pursue music.

Listening to Tru Judah rap, you get the sense that this is an effort of love. His lyrics are filled with so much wisdom, and he's imputing that into his listeners' ears (if you will receive it).  Some of the standouts include Go Harder which has a message of perseverance, a touching and soul filled track called Sincerely, and Blood in the Eye where he raps, "you better pull your pants up and look the judge in the eye."

"I'll run up in the vatican and paint it all black..."

After the controversial verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the militant part of me identified with Judah's song, Burn it Down. He raps, "they wanted war, thats what I'm for. I don't make peace with no beast."  And the nifty beat on this track gives the lyrics extra shine. 

Another dope track is Tru Judah. As he raps about having one hand on his Bible and the other on his strap, you can't help but think of the irony of this necessary juxtaposition.  But the rapper is not shy about the true reality of the status of black folk in this country. And his courageous creativity is music to my ears. 

Where does the name Tru Judah come from? What does that mean?
The name Tru Judah is more of a statement. I, we, the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade aka black people or negroes are the true tribe of Judah mentioned in the Bible. Identifiable by the curses and prophecy mentioned in Deuteronomy 28. Tru Judah is a statement re-claiming our true Israelite heritage which is the commandments of The Most High and being a light to the world spreading truth, light and love.

Whats the story behind Narrow Road Mobbin, Vol. 1?
With this project, I wanted to create a piece of work that demonstrated my versatility. I wanted to create an album that brothers and sisters who are new to the truth or this walk on the narrow road, could relate to. Lyricism, driving bass and heavy drums were important. I wanted it to be an album you could ride to but still get that dose of the good news.... Kind of like hiding medicine in candy. It was important to expose my highs and lows on this walk and offer my testimony to show we are all in the same boat trying to figure it out. As Matthew 7:14 says. The road to life and righteousness is narrow. "Narrow road mobbin" is the music you play while you take your journey on that road.

Can you describe your creative process? How long did it take you to records this project?
My creative process is spiritual. I don’t even write my songs. Not one word. It all comes from the spirit. I never know what I’m about to create. For this reason I don’t take any credit or glory at all. It is all The Most High so all esteem goes to The Most High. I tried doing this my way. It never worked out. So I use his gift to spread his truth, light and love through music.

How long did it take you to records this project?

I didn’t take long to record narrow road mobbin. what we hear now is far from what it sounded like when I first said it was done. I move when The Most High says move. So new songs kept getting made that fit the album...which is why this is vol 1. Over 50 songs were made while bringing the narrow road mobbin concept to life. So there are 3 volumes. Vol 1 is out now. vol 2 is titled Amerikkkan idol and vol 3 is titled church, preach, tabernacle. Most High willing I will release all 3 volumes over the next 9 months.

Who are the top 5 most played artists in your personal Spotify playlist?
My top 5 most played on my playlist. I’ll have to exclude me because I am surely there lol. Darak iBar, John Boye, Bizzle, J.cole, Kendrick Lamar.

How would you describe your sound?
I would describe my sound as water. It can be fast or slow, hot or cold. It always finds its level and can fit and adapt to any situation. It takes on whatever form it needs. It gives life and can crush you at the same time. Sometimes it can be shallow and sometimes very deep. Without it you’ll die!

"Narrow Road Mobbin Vol.1" is an hour worth of thought provoking music filled with lyrical wordplay and dope beats. For true hip hop heads, the project is a must hear. It's out now and available on most streaming platforms. 



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