ALBUM REVIEW: Lil Ripps Raps About Life's Ups and Downs on Album, 'Amnesia'

Arya Morshedi, known in the Canadian rap scene as Lil Ripps, is an 18 year old hip hop artist with an unwavering passion and a tenacious spirit. Born in Toronto and raised in Newmarket, the Ontario native raps about his lived experiences on his new album, "Amnesia".

The 9 track project kicks off with a song entitled Sin Again where he spits, "started this rappin sh*t when I was 14. Now I'm grown. I developed through the years, but I'm still alone." The album has a basement, freestyle, backpack rap feel. Ripps give listeners an earful into his upbringing. 

"Ain't got Louboutins on, but I got some new Jays."

On Trauma, he raps about trying to make a change, but he reminds his listeners, that "if you gettin' in the way, you gettin' more than drama." 

On Long Road, he opens up, reflecting on some of the hurt he's experienced. The song has a melancholy feel, but that's real sh*t. With the increases in the kinds of mental health issues many teens are facing in light of the pandemic and the overwhelming consumption of social media, this song addresses a topic many can relate to. He raps, "I got hurt so many times. When I got home, I had to scream. Nobody ever noticed it. It all came down to me." 

Patience, where he chants, "don't ever give up now," and Since a Youngin are some other gems on the project.  

Lil Ripps should be applauded for his lyrical content which gives off vibes of honesty and vulnerability. Facing adversity, he takes it head on and speaks of his coping strategies, his perseverance. 

With "Amnesia", Lil Ripp shows listeners that he's got the raw talent and musical ability to take a lemon and make lemonade. You can check out the whole album on major streaming platforms.




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