Album Review: LocaLgnd Talks Diversity Of Sounds on His New Project, 'If I Were Lost, Would You Care To Find Me'

When I heard I Miss You, the smooth yet cutting-edge new single by singer-songwriter, rapper, and overall dope musician, LocaLgnd<3, I knew I'd pinned in on something special. His voice is filled with so much musicality. He was born and raised in Florida, and he's been proud to call Orlando home since 2008. He fell in love with music pretty early and started writing music at the age of 9. By his freshman year of high school, he began recording music. "I officially dropped my first EP, (Day After Tomorrow) in the year 2016 and followed up 2019 with 2 more projects (I’ll See You After The Party & Loyal To Myself Forever Vol.1)" he explained.

Now he's back with a brand new project, “If I Were Lost, Would You Care To Find Me”. Its a full-length, 15 track album that explores a number of topics and toys with a variety of sounds. LocaLgnd<3's music doesn't fit neatly into one specific genre--that's part of his allure. "I am unparalleled in music, he said. "I create all types of music from hip hop, R&B , alternative, electronic... etcetera." Listeners like the album as well. The 24 year old artist is getting major streams and radio play in Germany and USA.

LocaLgnd<3 has an innovative sound all his own. On I Miss You-which does not actually appear on the album (listen to the single here), he paints a vivid portrait of the emptiness he feels as he sings about flying high to another planet and sharing the sky with the birds. There's a subtle, soft, and futuristic quality to his delivery; lots of synth, reverb, and echo. LocaLgnd<3's sound gives off alternative R&B thinly spread atop a slice of indie pop. The single which has already garnered more than 20K streams, has a nostalgic feel, and it's intentional. "Creating timeless music is all I ever work towards," he explained.

"Still be on my dolo as I push it in my civic"

The album has a dope track called Life of Sin that gives off Weeknd vibes. It has a fun, 80s pop meets 1970s electric energy; It's like a progressive R&B, lyrical version of Phaedra's Tangerine Dream. He brings a sexy, soulful energy to Gemini Girls, and as he sings about going "up and down, round and round, side to side," the temperature of the tune rises.


Some of the other tracks that resonated with me on If I Were Lost, Would You Care To Find Me” include Flock of Birds, Another Symphony where he puts on his emcee hat, and Feelings of a Distance which has a sexy, lofi hiphop vibe. On the song he spits, "gave you every stroke that's in my heart. That be the realest shit."

From your stream count, it looks like you’ve been getting good feedback on your current project. What do you attribute to its success?

I would say a mix of things definitely played a part in my numbers and streams being up. Firstly I would say the anticipation from the people who love my music for sure. It had been 2 years since I had dropped anything so all the snippets I would post on my instagram would always get a lot of love and questions on when I was dropping. Another thing would be the diversity on the project itself. I always try to make sure theirs something for everyone on my projects that you can enjoy and relate to. Also, just me taking the time to actually invest into myself through IG ads and music marketing that definitely played a huge role in helping me get my numbers up and gain some new fans on the journey itself.

Whats the story behind this project? How did it come about? What do you want listeners to take away from it?

The story behind the project came from me being in one of the darkest and loneliest times of my life. I had just dropped my project “I’ll See You After The Party” and I had no clue of what was next. I had created the first song on the project (paranoia) and I just remember I thought to myself “this is the intro” but I had no direction yet. Eventually the title came to mind because I kept questioning “who would care if I died” and from there the project was born. Around that time I began to get more and more melodic so it was a way for me to tell my story and my emotions a little different than I normally do. But since it was a new sound I took my time and really crafted and attempted to create something that would be enjoyable from top to bottom. The lesson I learned and I hope everyone else who listened learned is this. Everything starts where it ends. Meaning just because the chapters over doesn’t mean your story is over. Along with the idea of being ok with being lost in life. In order to find yourself you have to lose yourself.

Who’s in your top 5 dead or alive?
Top 5 dead or alive would definitely have to go to (no order) Kendrick, Drake, Ross, Wayne and Jadakiss. But I draw a ton of inspiration from so many artists.

What artists do you think have most influenced your sound?
My top influences on my sound definitely come from my top 5 for sure but overall from just about everything I listen to. It’s hard to say but Teddy Pendergrass, the Isley Brothers, Anita Baker, Lisa Shaw, Miguel Migs, The Weeknd, Partynextdoor, Johnny Rain, Girl In Red, The Outfield, The Drums, Yves Tumor and so on. It’s really a lot of artist who play apart in my sound to be honest it always just depends on what I’m listening to and what I wanna make. Some days I sit down and work on Trap music other days I’ll sit down and bang out straight acoustics.

You got started with music pretty early? Why is that?
I began music very early because of my step dad. It was when I was young before home studios were so accessible. Way before you could just download a beat off YouTube and make a hit in your closet and show the whole world at the click of a button. Seeing him sitting at the kitchen table with his headphones on and his CD player with a CD full of beats just writing music on a pad and rehearsing and going over it again and again was such an inspiration. So eventually I began doing the same at school. And that lead me to taking it more and more serious

What do you draw from for your lyrical content?
I think the one thing anyone and me gain from my lyrics is truth. Hearing my music is a sense of knowing me because I’m so unfiltered with my emotions on my music. Whether it be me giving you my struggles over an acoustic or giving you my struggles over a trap beat. You hear it and you know it’s me. You know it’s my sound and my story and your believe it because it’s my truth. The best music to be made is the music that reflects directly to your life. It’s your story.



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