ALBUM REVIEW: Rhema2020 is Cashing Out with Magnum Opus Pt. III' Album + Artiz Modista NFT Collab

Rhema2020 is an anonymous multifaceted artist and designer who's using creativity and innovative technology to make his mark. His latest music project is entitled "Magnum Opus Pt. III". It's a 7 track album that uses elements of melodic trap and progressive R&B to deliver a smooth yet upbeat sound to listeners. 

The album opens up with Cash Out, a sexy drill sounding track featuring Jay Capital$ and Pikasso. His lyrics reveal a little about his ambition. He raps, “used to wonder what it’d feel like just to ball out.”  Jay lays down some nice vocals on the hook, and he offers up some funny situational commentary like when he sings, "shorty say she love me, I'm like girl I'll see you later." Know Me is a real crowd pleaser. It has a nice melodic trap vibe with lots of synth'd  and compressed vocals. Rhema2020 has a nice rap verse on the song where he spits, "they don't wanna see you ball. They just waiting on the line, but I keep on hitting forward on they calls, played the label, got they offers." Steve Woodz is featured on the track as well. 

Born in New York City and now living Naples, Florida, Rhema2020 has that hustle and grind mentality. Aside from making music, the Queens native also has a knack for fashion design. For his streetwear clothing brand, Artiz Modista, he derives inspiration from natural textures and contemporary streetwear styles. Influenced by Mediterranean and American culture, his designs, he says, "seek to live in the space between elegance and practicality to simultaneously convey the two things other brands cannot: status and charity." All the clothes from his line have NFT's attached to them that pay out royalties from his music masters. He also donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale to charity--something you gotta love.

Despite all his talents, he does not want recognition--at least physically. "I'm an anonymous artist and wear a glass mask to all my performances," he explained. Another dope track is Different. It using some cool elements of early rap beats and fuses in alternative, soul, and emo sounds. The song feels like the 90s hip hop group, Fugees + Lonely singer, Akon mixed with a twist of Juice WRLD. I really enjoyed it. One other track of note is 94. Its an energetic hip hop track that honestly, would make a great Spotify Rap Caviar playlist selection. From the tempo to the production quality, this song is a must hear.

The "Magnum Opus Pt. III" album is out now on all major platforms, and Rhema2020's threads can be purchased on his clothing site,


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