ALBUM REVIEW: MARQÛIS Releases Imaginative Rap Album, 'VOTE FOR PHANTOM'

Remember when we were kids and your parents told you about Santa Claus? At some point, you added up all the houses in your neighborhood alone, the idea of him living in an uninhabitable North Pole and  traveling on flying reindeer with noses that light up... At some point, this fantastical phenom began to seem too good to be true, and then, well... I'll just leave it there in case there are young readers close to your phone.  Fast forward to the present where we're dealing with a once in a lifetime pandemic with incessant, unabated variants. Well, the result of the current world status, has given way to the genesis of PHANTOM, from the core of the earth- thus building the crossroads between fantasy and reality. 

That's right folks! On this Christmas Eve, in the spirit of the season, I get to review something fresh, innovate, and mysterious. PHANTOM is an apparition, first sighted in New York City. PHANTOM has no true age, but it is full bodied and has grown man sounds. Rapper, MARQÛIS recently dropped a dope album entitled, VOTE FOR PHANTOM. The 11 track project contains some hard hitting bars and features by GiGi LaRoux and Kelz Dinero.

The album opens with Good Morning Vietnam, a short, sexy out-of-the-box intro that sets the tone for this classic rap meets experimental hip hop project that lays out the call to purpose-- unadulterated musicality off the brain and from the soul.

Way to generous in this game where they playin' for keeps...

On Trainspotting, MARQÛIS shows off his skills as an emcee, spitting some sick lines like, "mama's questions, papa's presence, violent wishes, proper planning, pen and pictures." There's a poetic symmetry that's nice to experience here. As an artist, MARQÛIS has the vocal energy of a Meek Mill, uses the lyrical profoundness of a young Nas, and the musical grandness of a Jay-Z.

Nice Restaurant is a highlight. The bars are the focus, and the accompaniment is there for effect. As rudimentary as the concept seems, many artists have made the combo overly complicated. This is a nice juxtaposition.

Other album standouts include Crab With a Barrel which shows versatility as it has more of a melodic rap/trap soul vibe to it, Faces, and Bullet (Run With Me) which pulls out the afrobeats. I really enjoyed escaping from reality for a half hour as I enjoyed the musical creativity and bravery of MARQÛIS on the album. Its definitely worth a listen.

VOTE FOR PHANTOM is now available on all streaming services, including YouTube/Apple Music/Spotify/Tik Tok and other platforms.


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