Alt-Rap/Melodic Emo Rap Duo, Cartoon Misfits Drop Dope AMV for 'Forget It'

With just about a week left of 2021, I wanted to make sure I put you on to a super fresh collaboration that has taken the form of an alternative rap duo called Cartoon Misfits (CMF). The duo is comprised of two friends from Lake Worth, Florida, CMF Edgar aka Edgar Allan Flo, 23, and CMF Odin aka Anemenay, 22. They have pooled their sonic and visual creativity to make songs that really resonate with people. The group's latest release is a heartfelt, emotional roller coaster of a song with lyrics that cant get anymore authentic. It's called Forget It.

The song's story is best told through an anime music video which I've posted below. Lyrically, the most powerful moment, is when Edgar realizes his own toxic space; he sings, "you don't wanna know me now, cuz I'll probly bring you down." Edgar finds catharsis from making music. "Still coming from my room with the sounds," he boasted.

"My best friend and I dreamed about doing this sh*t on a tab of acid in the first or second year of high school (can’t remember lol)...7 years later, CMF aka cartoon misfits still watching anime and spitting ."

CMF Edgar describes himself as "the blonde sad boy get ya heart broke and cry about some dumb shit" whereas his partner on the micrphone, CMF Odin aka Anemenay "the best producer/rapper out."

The duo stay grinding in the studio. "Capturing the moment and letting it flow naturally is the key to our sounds, explained Edgar. "Not too much bullshitting, over thinking or forcing it in any way."

Anemenay puts in long hours to keep the CMF's juices flowing... "keeping me inspired constantly by being the most hard working artist I’ve seen," Edgar added. The song is a beautiful illustration of what can emerge when great forces align.

"I don't know where I'm going next, but I know that I want you in my bed."





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