Dope Collab Alert: 'More to Life' by No1zShadow feat. Austin Gilbert, Rap Master Ricky, Jarell, Peenut The Unsung, and JosephStillAsleep

One of the dopest collaborations of the year comes just as we say goodbye to 2021. On Friday, Dec. 31st, hip-hop emcee, No1zShadow will be dropping an epic single entitled More To Life.   I got a chance to get an advanced listen to the track, and it is hot!  A mix of several genres and styles, the upbeat single brings together singers, rappers, and even throws in some Reggaeton into the mix.  Surprisingly, More To Life, despite all the various elements, maintains a sonic cohesion. 

The song was produced by JosephStillAsleep, an amazing 13-year-old music producer, and it pulls in a number of talented artists from different genres.

Austin Gilbert is a new country singer, and he sings the chorus on More To Life. One of the highlights is when he sings, "when I hear all these people talking, seems like they're only focused on one thing." His vocals really help to create balance and tie in the other more lively elements.

The single also features Rap Master Ricky, an upcoming old-school rapper, Jarell, an upcoming Reggaeton artist, and Peenut The Unsung, a rapper with new school energy. If this line-up doesn't get you excited about this collab, I don't know if anything will.

"I be the Folgers. Take a sip..."

On the song, Rap Master Ricky delivers some killer bars like when he raps, "chemical imbalance distracting your brain. Flowing hot rhymes no stopping my reign." Peenut The Unsung also does his thing on the track, rapping, "it’s head ribs spleen but never be. A dream broken, my team counts on me."

The juxtaposition of reggaeton, country, and hip hop sounds on one track is fresh, innovative, and out-of-the-box. I love when Jarell raps, "a la vida, que después de cada golpe, yo me levanto más reforzado." And it gets deep when No1zShadow spits, "playing my part. Face betrayal regardless. Life falling apart, enlightened by darkness." There's so much talent and individual expression in this one song!

"Can’t stand the sight of double sided, full blown liars ..."

The team couldn't have amazing visuals without Janeth, who serves as the photographer for the group.

More To Life is a group collaboration project of Wordz N Vizion, a multimedia production team designed to share stories, entertain, educate, and enhance the quality of your creative experiences. I got a chance to learn more about how this all came about from the production company's CEO, No1zShadow.

How did this project come about?

The project was a spur of the moment idea on the day I decided to invite members of the group to my recording studio in Grafenwohr, Germany for a photoshoot and while everyone was here I wanted to allow Janeth to capture us creating a project with the members in the group.

The single uses sounds from multiple genres. How did you know this could work?

My whole life I have had to make a way out of no way or make something out of nothing with minimal resources. Our common ground is music or art at its core and from there I had the idea to tie all of our styles together with the topic of there being more to life than chasing fame using gimmicks.

Describe your creative process.

The mood or vibe dictates what instruments we chose in creating the beat. Also the members present influenced where the instruments would be placed in the arrangement. JosephStillAsleep created the instrumental considering that we would have our Country Singer on the chorus and we needed him to set the tone of the song as other styles would not give us as much cohesion.

Are you guys all based in Memphis?

I am from Memphis, but each individual is from a different state in America. I am a Staff Sergeant in the Army working full-time Active Duty. Each member has or had some military affiliation. Our mutual interest in music brought us together because I wanted to create a team to advance alongside myself.

Whats next for Wordz N Vizion?

The next project is actually being released on the same day. It is a collaboration between No1zShadow and Gullah Zoe, another Wordz N Vizion artist. He was unable to join the team on "More To Life" and we decided to make the song "Barz" on Christmas day to give the fans more content from our team.

You can pre-save More to Life on Spotify.


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