Goth-Punk Rap Artist, Lil Pink Releases New Album, 'Waiting for My Downfall'

Ohio based dark punk-rapper, Lil Pink is back at it again, releasing fresh new music. After the positive reception from the previous project, "Prometheus", Lil Pink released a new album entitled "Waiting for My Downfall". The album has a unique, experimental sound that is like a harmonious juxtaposition of gloomy circus music, rap, and death metal.

This eleven track project kicks off with Basic Rapper where Lil Pink spits, "motherf*cker, I'm just worried bout this f*ckin' money." And then spills into Good Days 2 which has a dope beat that gives off bright, island vibes.  On In the gallows, the mood goes dark, raw, and explicit. The song's instrumentals feel scary and mysterious. The  track  also features vocals from Scum. On the track, Lil Pink raps, "stop with the motherf*ckin' tears, I don't give a sh*t. Bitch, I don't got no fears."

Lil Pink's lyrical content covers everything from sex, pain, and money. And the artist's raspy sound feels sonically, like a mashup of Tekashi 6ix9ine, Marilyn Manson, and Ghostemane. 

The 17 year old grew up very poor with their brother and mom and then welcoming the last of their siblings at ages 7 and 9. Lil Pink was carrying out their average student life until 7th grade, where the idea of making music popped into their head. They wouldn't actually pursue this idea until the following year when they met 2 other artists with whom they  started a group in late 2017. They went by the name CharmGang and began to release music in 2018, their first album being published on April 1st of 2018. They continued as a unit until August of 2018 when they parted ways leaving Lil Pink as the only member of the 3 to continue their music career.

"I got that chedda' and the beretta..."

Audibly, I enjoyed the spaced out, futuristic sounds on Cherry Red. Another fun track was Goth Shit.  It's just dark as sh*t... like when Lil Pink raps, "but I can't pretend, breaking your heart is my favorite past-time."

This project shows growth in Pink's rap flow and signature identity.  From the start to finish, this album felt consistent, solidly engaging, and will no doubt appeal to those who like dark, emo, goth, and punk rap sounds.

You definitely wanna give Lil Pink's new album, "Waiting for My Downfall", a listen. It's available on Spotify


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