Marc Summers Drops Fun, Innovative New Rap Album, 'Whatever Happens, Happens'

Marcel Robinson aka Marc Summers is an up-and-coming musician and hip hop artist. "I've been involved with some type of music for almost 22 years," he explained. His latest work is a ten track album entitled, "Whatever Happens, Happens". The project infuses elements of classic hip hop, soul, and jazz into a musically invigorating and mind stimulating rap album. 

"Whatever Happens, Happens" has some real gems, and it shows off the 34 year old emcee's witty lyrical acumen. On the song, Speak Like, Marc Summers raps, "I thought the price of life was underpriced. So, I bought a few more and used some overtime."

Summers says he and started making his own music at the age of 17. A military brat, he's moved around a lot but now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. His music has a joyful, lighthearted energy to it. "I'm 34, look like I barely age, speak like I'm Paul Shore, and I'm finally finding some kind of happiness," he raps on one of the tracks.

One of my favorite songs on the album is Tears of Scarlet. The rap tune has the sophistication of a Jay Z song, and Marc's flow has the nostalgic essence of a Nas.  He also has fun with his craft, in a LMFAO kinda way (rememba them?!?), but it doesn't stop him from delivering dope bars like when he spits, "had a detour on my road to the riches. Never had to break at the top like Sid Vicious. N*ggas want war; I'm the ace in the trenches."

The project was a collaboration. It contains features from a number of other artists including Wayne Klassik, Katrin Romanova, Mookamara Sama, DMT Sensei, and Damon Logan. 

"Wake up and thank God for mo lessons to learn as I roll up. Mo trees to burn, to breathe better..."

Another track you're gonna wanna hear is Synesthesia ft. DMT Sensei. The song's beat is filled with live, soulful instrumentation; it has a classic, grown man sound and gives off a tiny desk, unplugged kinda vibe. It's incredible. Sensei does his thing on the song as well with his Kanye-like sound. The song reminds me of  Chance The Rapper's The Heart & Tongue.

I loved the futuristic energy on the final song, Patches of Reality. The beat uses some percussive piano chord loops to create an intriguing sound. He shouts out his 3 year old son on the song as well, rapping "gotta grace him with the blessings. I'm the holy father."

Overall, while there is some jazzy experimentation, this is a soulful,  musically thorough, and solidly hip hop project. This was my first time listening to Marc Summers, but I get the feeling, it won't be the last.  "Whatever Happens, Happens" is definitely worth a stream. 








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