ALBUM REVIEW: DMV Rapper, Chuku100 Releases 4th Project, 'Nothing's Impossible to God'

Ifeanyichukwu, better known by his stage name, Chuku100 is a 28 year old rapper and songwriter on the rise. The hip hop artist is part of the record label, Khalaezzy Game Records alongside his childhood friend and frequent collaborator, TopShotta Fi.

Chuku, who is of Nigerian decent, grew up in the DMV and hails from Lanham, Maryland. His story starts off similarly to the cliche "modern" rapper--he “never had a desire to be a rapper,” Chuku explained. But after a few playful sessions and a remix to Chief Keef's Don’t Like instrumental he dropped as Kush & Love in 2012, he quickly fell in love with the music. From then on, the emcee has worked rigorously to improve his craft. His most recent project is a 13 song rap album entitled, "Nothing's Impossible To God." It's part biographical, part inspirational, and 100% authentic. He raps about his grind, his ambition, and the ugliness that sometimes accompanies the pursuit of success. The sound is robust. The project contains a mix of backpack rap, basement vibes, trap, and even a hint of drill.

On the song, On My Way, he spits about the gamble of life and why he chooses to live meaningfully, rapping, "I'm out here plottin' on the come up. N*ggas lurkin'. I'm on my purpose, wasting time is never worth it." Another dope track on the album is Authentic where he raps, "money talks so I don't gotta boast." This track has a lit energy, and a nice beat.

As a rapper, Chuku has a vibe and flow reminiscent of a cross between Meek Mill and Young M.A., but there's also a noticeable versatility like when he switches up the sound on One Puff Not Enough which has more of a trap feel. Chuku100 lists some of his greatest influences as artists the like Fabolous, Meek Mill, Juicy J, Lauryn Hill, and his fellow labelmate, TopShotta Fi. Coming from Prince George's County, Maryland, his sound has definitely been influenced by Go-Go music as well as Afro beats which is growing in popularity in the area as well.

"I learned to cross 'em out, just like a game of chess..."

In his decade in the game, Chuku has developed a strong knack for hard hitting hooks, and he seeks to give off that "life of the party" kinda vibe. He does this successfully on tracks like Loose Lips.

You can check out the video for it below...

The beat on Last Laugh is tough. The instrumental loops give the song a finale kinda energy. It's the perfect song to end the album on a high note. On the track, he raps, "thugging all night, tryna pay my mama bills." And that's the vibe this project gives me. Hustle, grind, and the come-up.

“Nothing Is Impossible to God” is his 4th project, and it's a tribute to his real name and heritage. The rapper has been putting in the work, generating massive attention from the DMV music scene. After dropping the album in December, we can only imagine what the new year holds for Chuku100. But if he keeps pushing out bangers like this, listeners will continue to press play.


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