Album Review: J.Whiz Returns With Soulful Rap Album, 'Social Distance'

Artist/producer, J. Whiz says he stays in his own lane. During our interview, he explained that he's "different than most of the cats out now." So, its no surprise that when he dropped his new project, it would be called, "Social Distance". The 13 track project  is a combination of rap, soul, and life.  For the Arkansas born rapper, this album comes after an extended absence from the hip hop scene, and on the intro he spits, "this for the ones who been patiently waiting on me. I'm back, and I got what you need."

I was immediately drawn to Young Black Male. One thing you'll notice is a refreshing absence of negativity in his lyrics. He preaches what he practices, and spits on his lived experience. He's the CEO of Greenprint Entertainment, so he has an awareness of the power of the platform. On this song, he raises awareness of what it means to be a young black man in America amidst this current climate. He raps, " I gotta walk a tight rope, and the rope is so thin. It's a lot of brothers gone, locked away at the pen. Whether right or wrong they got caught in the system. And, yeah.. sometimes the pressure gets hard, just tryna make it."

Tell me about this project. Whats the story behind it?

This is my newest project after an 8 year absence. It's called Social Distance of course because we are in a pandemic, but not only that, no one can come close to me because I'm in my own lane. I'm different than most of the cats out now. 

What drives your lyrics?

My soul drove these lyrics. I would dare to call this album soul music even though it's rap

"The game need me. That's all I know. They need a quarterback, Imma have to throw"

How would you describe your flow?

My flow is southern and laid back. 

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest influences were 2Pac, Master P, Timbaland and DJ Quik for various reasons.

When J. Whiz raps, he's right; his sound is different than what most people have become accustomed to hearing, but his sound and style brings back a time when rappers like Andre 3000 and the Big Tymers put some base in their voice and thought behind their lyrics. Its that classic, groovy, old-school southern rap sound that left room for music. I got that nostalgic feeling on The Game Needz Me and Feelin' Good ft. Roxiie Reese.

Other notable songs on "Social Distance" include Young O.G. which has a slight 90s West Coast feel to it, and We Made It--the music and lyrics really work together on this track. That funk-soul baseline will really have you jammin' as Whiz spits, "after all these years, I'm gettin married to the game, and I'm so in love wit it, I can never walk away."

"Social Distance" is available now on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.








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