ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Eskay is ‘Automatic’

Sandeep Kalsi is a 28 year old independent artist from Canada known musically as Eskay. I got a chance to listen to the rapper/singer-songwriter's new single entitled Automatic, and its an all-around dope song. His sound is unique, and it produces a generally chill vibe. It's the kinda song you add to your Spotify study, lofi, or chill-hop playlist.   

His vocal style and flow reads like a cool cross between melodic rap, pop, and alternative r&b. The beat on the track is interesting as well-- calm and collected with an electronic meets soul feel. Sonically, the track is kinda like a mashup of Torey Lanez on Say It and The Weeknd on Is There Someone Else?

"Yeah, it hit me like an automatic. This time , I really thought for a second that I had it."

For Eskay, music has always been his passion.  He records all his own stuff, writes all his own lyrics. (He's been making music since he was 14.) On Automatic, he sings about his struggles on the way up. He sings, "I really started from the bottom, cold nights with a candle."

In addition to making delicious musical jams, he runs a furniture store called SalesAway Furniture with his wife, Cheyanne Jones in Richmond Hill, Ontario.


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