ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Moromo Talk's Peace, Love, and New Single, 'Ceasefire'

Yesterday, I got an advanced preview of a new experimental r&b song being releasing by Moromo, a contemporary R&B artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Entitled Ceasefire, the single was produced by TryBishop and written/performed by the singer-songwriter himself. The song, with its references to peace, love, and God, has a positive vibe while sonically maintaining a chill, laid-back feel.

Moromo's innovative musical approach incorporates an edgy vocal quality more traditionally associated with alternative rock, and the flow of his lyrics reads like a rap verse. Although the hip hop's roughness and grit inherent in hip hop may be  smoothed out, there is still an authentic expressiveness in this song that will resonate with hip hop heads. 

On the single, he paints a visual portrait of his lyrically curated melodic bars. He sings, "I'm finally sitting for peace talks. Got battles on replay in the back of my mind." He developed a passion for music when he started learning and experimenting on the drums at a young age. During his high-school years, Moromo was out touring nationally and performing gigs with a local band. After the band took a hiatus, Moromo started to follow his dream to create original music as an independent artist.

Ceasefire will be released on January 28th on Spotify and other major streaming platforms. He's also dropping a dope lyric video for the track. Although Moromo is from Saint Paul, he shot the music video in St Louis. "St Louis is my second home," he explained.

"I found love in dangerous places.

I found God emanating from strangers." 

Moromo has been consistently writing, composing, and producing his own music. When asked to describe his overall sound, he said, "if you enjoy the likes of Post Malone, Swae Lee, and The Weeknd, then you’ll love the melodic and expressive style" of his unique sound. His out of the box performance on Ceasefire is sure to be music to your ears.

When he is not working on his music, Moromo is actively involved in the fight for human rights. And this passion plays out in his lyrics. In the song, there's a line where he sings, "it better to see how we're gonna survive."




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  1. I'm always excited to see what Moromo is coming out with! Can't wait for this one!

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