ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Sevenwaystreet Talks Needing More, Feeling Worse and His Debut Single, 'Change Your Life'

Today's artist spotlight is on Jacob Richardson, an alternative hip hop artist who goes by the stage name, Sevenwaystreet (which is a commentary on an over active mind). "Feels like my mind runs in seven directions at once," he told me. He just released his debut single entitled, Change Your Life. It's a dope track that addresses the low points in life and how we cope with the pain. After feeling worse and worse, he chose a different path. As we dive into this new year with new resolutions and goals, this song provides an excellent platform the artist to push an important message. "I'm a person in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse," he explained, "and my main message as an artist is self betterment."

Sevenwaystreet is from Scottsville, Kentucky--a small town that happens to be the birthplace of national retail giant, Dollar General. He too can expand his reach; this song has the power to take his gift well beyond the borders of Kentucky.

Change Your Life has a cool sound. A simple hip hop percussiveness meets his bare, authentic voice. Still, there's an edgy kick to both his delivery style and the instrumentals that gives the song an alternative kinda feel. On the track, emo meets backpack rap as he spits about all the legends like JuiceWrld and Lil Peep we lost "to the elixirs and potions." But as he sings on the chorus, "nobody's ever gonna change your life. You've gotta go out and change your life." It's a sobering, yet much needed sentiment.

Take a look at the lyrical video for Change Your Life below...

"I'm like a lyrical prophet. My words are bringing deliverance."

How would you describe your sound?
I'd say my sound is mainly a mix of alternative rock and indie punk that ventures into hip hop quite often.
What inspires your music, lyrically and sonically?
What inspires me most as a music artist is that i have been deep into drug addiction, depression, and self obsession and thankfully made it out before I truly lost myself. And now I want to help others do that same and know they're not alone.

On Change Your Life, you rap, "cause I been to hell and back"... can you elaborate on this hell, and when did you know you were there?
Hell was after a 5 year relationship with a girlfriend I thought I would spend my life with ended and I turned to drugs to treat the pain but I kept needing more and more and only felt worse and worse. I knew I was at my low point when I got arrested for the 3rd time and was withdrawing in jail and looking at a Class B felony charge for drug distribution.

What drove you to rap?
I starting rapping 3 years ago during addiction to voice my pain and just recently picked it up again as a way to share my story and hopefully help others.

Who's your top 5 alive?
My top 5 alive are J Cole, Eminem, Cordae, Wiz Khalifa, and Denzel Curry.



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