EP Review: Producer, IN-L Brings 'Hope & Healing' With New Project

Music producer, IN-L is a Miami native, and like the movie, Moonlight, he got it how he lived. "I am from Dade County, Florida, he explained," I spent most of my years in Liberty City." His latest project, "Hope & Healing", brings him full circle. His come-up story adds grit and color to his sound; he grew up in a single-parent household and spent much of his childhood bouncing between rough neighborhoods and living in low-income housing. When people talk about getting it out the mud, thats him. "I lived near Central High School, Allapattah, in Sugar Hill projects in Liberty City, and near Edison High School in Little Haiti."

But sonically, IN-L is focused on the future, not the past. And his new pop-inspired project emits positivity. In a way, I guess you could say this new 6 track EP acknowledges the struggles and hardship of his past, while looking ahead to what the future brings. It's time to unpack "Hope & Healing".

"I was raised by my father since the time I was six months old, until he passed away in 1998," IN-L reveled. But despite his loss, he had to keep moving forward for himself and his now, for his family. There's a vibrant track on the EP entitled Lets Keep Going that feels like an intersection of Caribbean, African and EDM sound. For this track, the accomplished beatmaker seems to channel all that he has inherited from his rich upbringing into the drum machine and synthesizer. The outcome is a supercharged sound that will keep your energy going late into the night.

1st and Down is another cool track that feels a little nostalgic mix of 90s Nintendo game soundtracks. I love the collaborative sound that "Hope & Healing" provides listeners. He interacts back-and-forth between multi-ethnic music and contemporary electronic musical elements. It's innovative and exciting.

IN-L was born Nate Lamont, and he has roots in the US and Nassau, Bahamas. While he has produced beats and tracks in a myriad of genres, this project feels more biographical, personally, and culturally connected. Stop the bEAT is a dope beat that feels like a Junkanoo celebration. It incorporates highly rhythmic, West-African drum sounds, but modernizes the aura with some soulful hip hop feeling vocal loops and a melodic drive that draws out a Caribbean & Latin American flair.

"Hope & Healing" is just the musical evidence of what the talented music producer is already putting into action. "I currently have a relationship with my mother even though she was going through tough times during my growing years," he told us. And he now has a family of his own that's led by two-parents. "I am currently married with four kids, and I live right outside of Atlanta, GA. I have worked for several companies and now own a business."

The EP was released on January 14th, and is now available on most major streaming platforms.


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