From Children's Book Author to Explosive Female Rapper, Kemi$try is Gonna 'Make it Jump Sis'

Kemi$try is a hip hop artist who is getting her shine right now, racking up plays on YouTube with her new music and bodacious rap flow. Her energetic vocal performance and her bold, sexy, and sometimes raunchy lyrics are kicking open doors. But she has been determined to make moves since she was a little girl. Born and raised in Tennessee, she was destined to be a singer, rapper, and songwriter before she even realized it. "I’ve been writing since I was a kid... I started off writing poems, but I didn’t take it seriously until I became an adult," she explained.

She became a full-fledged author writing Susie Long Legs, a children's book about a girl who was teased and bullied for her beautiful, long, skinny legs, and in 2018, she published Emma and the Sea Creatures. But for her, that still wan't enough. "I believed in myself so much, she explained. "I wanted to take my writing skills further, so I started writing songs again." Now she's putting her energy into drafting fire lyrics and punching in power bars in the studio. She recently dropped a hot new track entitled, Make it Jump Sis.

The single is an anthem of the liberation and celebration of feminine thickness. This could be most certainly be a stripper anthem. On Make it Jump Sis, she spits, "booty like groceries, p*ssy got you feenin'. Booty on fat. Thighs on thick. when I throw it back, n*ggas' eyes roll back." You gotta hear this one!

Last month, she dropped Get it Like Russell ft. Kdezy where she's putting her listeners on the money game. On the chorus, she chants, "stack your cake, bake your cake. Get it like Russell, yeah."

"Gotta down ass n*gga, I'm his down ass chick. We at the top. We taking tricks."

For Kemi$try, the haters gave her more motivation to musically prove them wrong. "What made me go harder is the people that said I couldn’t do it, but I’ve done what they said I couldn’t do," she revealed.

Kemi$try's new single, Make it Jump Sis and her other two bangers,
Get it Like Russell ft. Kdezy and I Got That Fire are out now and available on major platforms.


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