From Messing Around in the Basement to Dropping 'Designer', MTV Mozey is Gearing up for His Rise

MTV Mozey is a 19 year old hip hop artist from Connecticut. He grew up in Bridgeport but now lives in Trumbull (the same town as jazz rapper, Felly). He's been super busy lately, dropping back to back projects and a hot new single entitled, Designer.

The single is colorful from start to finish. It starts off with a vibrant, melodic xylophone loop that grows into a full-fledged trap beat as MTV Mozey delivers a melodic, mumble rap performance. Mozey has been making music professionally for two years now but he's been into music since he was a kid. His dad who was a DJ introduced him to music at a young age; "I used to just love messing around with his stuff in our basement and freestyling" he said.

"fake n*ggas be doing division..."

In 2021, he dropped two big projects: a 10 song album called "Conspiracies", and a collaborative album with Carson Arkade entitled "Mozey at the Arkade".

"Conspiracies" really showcases Mozey's talents on the mic. He delivers a nice, vulnerable performance on Honesty, singing "why you lie to me, b*tch why you lie to me. I don't got no money, girl. I'm coming outta poverty." The album also shows his musical versatilty. There's a stark contrast on Prada, a track thats give off a sexy, dark drill vibe. He raps, "they hate cuz they see that we winning."

Other standouts on the album include Get Like Me, Drill, and Royal Rumble.

On his collaboration, "Mozey at the Arkade", you should definitely check out Rolling Loud. The energy on the track is through the roof. It's a mellow, melodic rap song with an alternative rock edge. And the track has no doubt increased his fan based; its been streamed over 40k times on Spotify. Other songs I really enjoyed include Stocks and Trip to Rome.

MTV Mozey is an artist to watch. He has a love and appreciation for music that you can hear through his work, and I get the sense that he pays attention to detail. You definitely wanna check out his music. He's on all major platforms.


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