NOLA Based Hip Hop Artist, Lifted Deezie Talks Trials, Triumph and New Album, 'The Shakeback'

Lifted Deezie is a gifted New Orleans based hip-hop artist who this month released his first project since dropping "Lifted Season" in 2019. Entitled "The Shakeback", the rapper/producer says the 10 track album is his "most honest and real project to ever accomplish."

Since the pandemic started, many people have been going through a lot. Where as some folks break down or break up, for creative minded people, this has been an interesting yet productive adjustment. For the NOLA rapper, he put himself to task--grinding out a lofi, chill, and soulful sounding rap album. On "The Shakeback", Lifted Deezie says he expresses all of his trials of the past 2 years.

"I still keep going. Got people that hate that. Lifted season with straight facts."

He was blessed with a remarkable ear for percussion and rhythmic music at a young age. When he was eight, Deezie was introduced to percussion which led to him playing in traveling marching bands. By his early teens, he'd learned to play the piano and started messing around with FL Studio (what I came up calling Fruity Loops).

He's nice with the lyrics. The mellow vibin beats throughout the project really give the emcee a chance to unleash his flow however he wants. From Here is an interesting, experimental feeling song. It's like a cross between Lil Baby and Greenday -- melodic trap meets alternative rock. But lyrically, it feels like emo rap, a level of vulnerability most hip hop artists shy away from. On the song, Lifted Deezie raps, "everyday getting outta bed becomes a bigger struggle. Everyday, I never really wanna move a muscle."

He was introduced to rap music by his father early on. By the time he was a senior in high school, Lifted Deezie had written and produced his first short EP, in addition to creating the album's artwork. His first project titled "#Deestyle" was released in 2015, and later followed up by his EP, "Fall Kid". He produced both himself.

As an artist, he is inspired by a combination of industry rappers and producers. His style is categorized as more of a “vibe,” with relatable and witty lyrics. On the track 11pm, he spits, "this shit is mandatory. F*ck all the boring shit; it's nights like this that create the story."

Grindin 4 a Minute is dope because the song's beat infuses a brass horn loop that gives the track a subtle New Orleans second line feel. Other album highlights include Shakeback, Feelin Aiight, and Millions-- a track that shows off Lifted Deezie's vocal chops.

In 2016, Deezie graduated with from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor's Degree in Music. He is the founder and CEO of his brand/label, Lifted Entertainment LLC. He created the logo “Lifted” himself which he says, "has the meaning of a higher way of thinking; and “having a more elevated or “Lifted” work ethic to accomplish the above average goals that us lifted MFs strive for." His logo can be seen all around the city of New Orleans.

The album is out now on major streaming platforms.


Twitter: @lifted_deezie 
Instagram: @lifted_deezie 




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